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Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants: 5 winners, 3 losers, and 2 honorable mentions

The Dallas Cowboys got to 10 wins on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys won on Sunday and in doing so secured their 10th victory of the season. At the beginning of any year the hope is that the Cowboys will win double-digit contests and put themselves in a position to have success in the tournament. While the Cowboys have been out of sync on offense lately, they have 10 wins to show for their work entering Christmas week and recently are winners of three in a row. Those games all took place on the road, two of which were against division rivals.

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Cowboys fans wish the offense was humming at an elite pace these days, but on Sunday at MetLife Stadium they were enough to beat the New York Giants and put win number 10 on the board. While also getting help by way of the Detroit Lions beating the Arizona Cardinals the Cowboys not only kept all of their goals in front of them, but they became all the more attainable.

It is the most wonderful, merriest, brightest, and now from a literal perspective winningest time of the year for the Dallas Cowboys. Here are our winners, losers, and honorable mentions from Sunday’s game.

Winner: DeMarcus Lawrence

We have all fallen appropriately in love with Micah Parsons this season, but DeMarcus Lawrence had a performance in New York that reminded us of why we first developed feelings for him. Tank is such a disruptive player for the Cowboys and embodied that idea against the Giants with big-time plays including an amazing fumble that he forced. Seeing him get right as the most important part of the season crystallizes in front of us is very exciting.

Winner: Jourdan Lewis

Back in the offseason there were Cowboys fans who were confused as to why the team brought Jourdan Lewis back. He had been a serviceable player for them since being drafted in 2017, but he hadn’t ever really been consistent. This year Lewis has elevated the floor of the cornerback position and is fantastic in the slot. He was all over the field at MetLife and was a significant contributor on defense forcing a turnover for the second straight week.

Winner: Dalton Schultz

The Cowboys offense definitely felt improved in New York (it still has a ways to go) and a big part of that was the resurgence of Dalton Schultz. Throughout the contest there were no hands more sure than his, plus it was nice to see him in the endzone.

Winner: Tony Pollard

It is important to contextualize Pollard’s day with the fact that he was returning from injury, but not even factoring that in he was by far the more productive running back for the Cowboys. As noted, the offense as a whole had a bit more pep in their step and his return to the fold certainly went a bit of a ways towards that effort.

Winner: Team Defense

DeMarcus Lawrence and Jourdan Lewis were deserving of their own winner awards, but overall the Cowboys defense was spectacular. We saw great plays from Malik Hooker, Neville Gallimore, Trevon Diggs, and Micah Parsons. This is a group with talented guys at every level that raise the floor for what they can accomplish as a group.

Loser: Kellen Moore

There are multiple components on the Cowboys offense that seem to be not carrying their necessary load, but Kellen Moore is so far removed from what we saw.

We noted this in winners and losers last week, but remember when he said that the team’s disposition on offense was to aggressively attack what opposing defenses give them? Where is the team or offense that does that with regularity?

The wide receiver screens do not work. Screens in general are not working. Running it with Ezekiel Elliott right near the goal line is not going to work at this stage. Simply put, Kellen Moore is becoming a bit predictable and stale and it is hurting the team.

Loser: CeeDee Lamb

Was this the worst game that CeeDee Lamb has played as a professional? It sure felt like it.

If we are comparing who Cowboys players are relative to expectation, than it is fair to argue that CeeDee Lamb might be the most disappointing. We expected him to establish himself as the alpha receiver of the group this season and instead we have seen drops sprinkled throughout the year.

Loser: Greg Zuerlein

The wind at MetLife was an issue clearly, but you cannot miss two extra points. You just can’t.

Honorable Mention: Connor Williams

At long last the Cowboys finally returned Connor Williams to the starting lineup. He was much better than Connor McGovern, but unfortunately the team still insisted on shifting things around as they brought in Ty Nsekhe for a cup of coffee at left tackle. Pick five. Ideally the best five. Then stick with them. This isn’t hard.

Honorable Mention: Micah Parsons

We have reached the point with Micah Parsons where if he isn’t making superstar plays all of the time then it feels like a disappointing outing. He didn’t have a huge game, but his pass defensed at the goal line was just not a play he should be able to make. But he is Micah Parsons.

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