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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys at Giants: ‘I’m kinda missing Jason Garrett at the moment’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys bring the Giants back down to size.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The win over the Giants may not have been a great game by the Cowboys, and it may not have drawn a lot of interest from other fans across the NFL. But it is a divisional win on the road, and it helped propel the Cowboys into the number two seed for now.

And as sweet as such a road win in the division is, it is so much sweeter when you get to relive the agony of Giants fans watching their team crumble, with the occasional snide remark from other NFL fans thrown in for good measure.

So here’s your chance to relive what Giants fans were thinking while they were watching the game yesterday - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game.

Owing to the sparsity of comments from non-Giants fans around the league, this TTN is shorter than usual, but hopefully all the sweeter.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Giants My buddy is at game… he said 50% of capacity Cowboys Fans, 25% Giants, 25% empty…. Terrific. Hopefully Mara gets the message.
Redstorm47 | 01:01 EDT
Wish it was 100% Cowboys fans and 0% Giant fans. Then that bumbling idiot will get the message.
G.O.A.T_56 | 01:02 EDT
Giants we go. The weekly exercise in futility. At this point I tune in to see whether they'll find a new and interesting way to embarrass themselves. Sad.
Barkleytothehouse | 01:05 EDT
(9:50) DAL punts
Giants A stop? Nice! Now let's get that high powered offense out on that field! 7pts, here we come!
Barkleytothehouse | 01:13 EDT
Giants lol making substitutions with 12 seconds on the play clock.
Dr_Chocolate | 01:14 EDT
How can this stupid coach still be so bad with clock management?! HOW!?
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 01:17 EDT
(6:51) M.Glennon pass INTERCEPTED by J.Lewis
Giants Lol Glennon had 2 recievers wide open... he legit didn't recognize man coverage at all.
Jwuer | 01:18 EDT
Giants Why is Glennon even in this game.... Can't stand that giraffe neck clown.
jahmyrr | 01:18 EDT
Falcons So basically how the Cowboys defense has performed this year proves all along that problem number 1 was [GM Thomas Dimitroff]. Dan Quinn as a HC was problem number 2.
Tomahawkdirtybirds | 01:19 EDT
DQ getting a ton of love from the media. He’s a real NFL hero now. What a quick turnaround for him.
31seconds | 01:24 EDT
DQ is the master of early success and late failures. Don't be too quick to crown him.
Falcon1980 | 01:51 EDT
Giants Glennon stinks and Hernandez is best in the league at blocking air.
yahyahs8440 | 01:19 EDT
(6:31) E.Elliott up the middle for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 6 - Giants 0
Giants Even the corpse of Zeke Elliott scores against us.
Redstorm47 | 01:20 EDT
(6:31) G.Zuerlein extra point is No Good
Giants The preposterous notion that Judge 'deserves another year' in the face of incontrevertible evidence to the contrary just gets sillier with literally every successive quarter of football.
NorCalBlue | 01:22 EDT
Giants Why is Dallas not just lining up 8 at the LOS and challenging The Glennonites to air it out?
NorCalBlue | 01:26 EDT
Giants If they can move the ball on the ground, they might get out of this only losing by 20.
Maryland Fan | 01:28 EDT
Giants Glennon needs to quit football and start going to church. All he does is throw up prayers.
jahmyrr | 01:29 EDT
Giants Parsons!
EvergladesUgly | 01:30 EDT
(0:37) NYG field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 6 -Giants 3
Giants Welp here we go, let's field goal them to death.
G.O.A.T_56 | 01:30 EDT
Giants NY “Field Goals R Us” Giants
yahyahs8440 | 01:31 EDT
Giants I know we have a boatload of holes to fill, but all I can think of is what if we had Parsons. The kid is a stud......
phatdaddy44 | 01:31 EDT
Giants When Fox puts Schlereth on a Cowboys game you know they have no respect for the opponent.
Tea With Miss McGill | 01:33 EDT

Second Quarter
(10:34) G.Zuerlein 26 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 9 - Giants 3
Giants The Giants need passion juice for Christmas.
GiantBeing | 01:44 EDT
Eagles I think Mike Glennon stole Nate Herbig's neck. Dude looks like a giraffe.
Johmai | 01:47 EDT
Giants It is physically painful to watch this team.
Danny Dimes | 01:49 EDT
That’s why I get super duper stoned.
Bflyer1 | 01:52 EDT
49ers Seriously! The Giants are a complete dumpster fire and I'm insulting dumpster fires with the comparison. Stop wasting 25 minutes on a review and just say they fumbled.
bignerd | 01:51 EDT
Giants We’re actually worse than the Jets. Let that sink in…
ItsTheDevils! | 01:53 EDT
(8:24) NYG punts
Giants Each Dallas play is a first down.
A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 400 | 02:01 EDT
Giants They have double our total yards this half, and there's still time left to increase that.
NorCalBlue | 02:03 EDT
Giants What an idiotic coach. This game will be over by half.
freeberd | 02:04 EDT
Giants The game was over once Dallas scored 9 points.
Moon Bars | 02:06 EDT
Giants Took Judge 20 seconds to call a TO… this guy is so overmatched.
Redstorm47 | 02:09 EDT
(1:43) G.Zuerlein 42 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 12 - Giants 3
Giants We are not down by double digits. Thankful .
Maryland Fan | 02:11 EDT
Maryland Fan | 02:22 EDT
Giants If someone were compiling a dossier of Judge's mistakes it would not only be incredibly long, it would be incredibly repetitive. Fool me once....
NorCalBlue | 02:14 EDT
(0:41) S.Barkley FUMBLES (D.Lawrence), RECOVERED by DAL-C.Watkins
Giants Giants last minute woes continue
IronGiant18 | 02:15 EDT
Giants Know folks are killing Barkley for that fumble, but that was just a great play by Lawrence.....
phatdaddy44 | 02:16 EDT
Giants Safety blitz from 20 yards away, why??
mendenhall #64 | 02:19 EDT
Because Giants don’t use logic.
Redstorm47 | 02:19 EDT
Giants Crossen and Williams owe Schultz $20 for the ride he just gave them.
jahmyrr | 02:19 EDT
Giants Judge's game management skills are pathetic. How many times does he blow his time outs?
mendenhall #64 | 02:21 EDT
(0:03) G.Zuerlein 27 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 15 - Giants 3
Giants Wouldn’t be a Giants game without giving up points as clock expires.
mguit | 02:22 EDT
End Of Half
Giants Well, we've got our usual 3pts in a half, so things are chugging right along, right on schedule.
Barkleytothehouse | 02:26 EDT
Giants McCarthy tried to raise Judge on bad clock management at the end there.
Bujie | 02:27 EDT
Giants “You wanna get your team back on track, just play the Giants” - Michael Strahan
trueblue63 | 02:27 EDT
Giants Not just one, but TWO scores allowed in the last 2m of the half!
MKWebs | 02:30 EDT
Giants Cleaned my toilet at halftime. Most interesting part of this game so far.
Bflyer1 | 02:30 EDT
Giants This is game 14. Giants have been outscored now 65-0 in last 2 minutes of first half. That tells you all you need to know about the players and coaches.
GeorgeMeade | 02:30 EDT
Giants I'm really struggling to find a reason to keep watching these games. No matter what changes the outcome is always the same.
Danny Dimes | 02:32 EDT

Third Quarter
Giants Joe Judge should be fired for his refusal to play Fromm and see what he can do. We all know Mike Glennon is hot trash, there's absolutely no reason to keep running him out there to keep proving it.
G-menfan4lyfe | 02:42 EDT
Giants Are we still blaming Jason Garrett?
OtherHalf747 | 02:43 EDT
Giants Graham Gano accounting for 40 percent of Giants points wow
Harry Paratestes | 02:43 EDT
Giants The crazy thing is not that Gano is the Giants MVP this year, the crazy thing is that it's not even really close...
NorCalBlue | 02:43 EDT
(12:48) NYG field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 15 - Giants 6
Giants Alright!!! It’s down to a 3 score game!
TCFKAS85 | 02:48 EDT
We do field goal math, we're good.
marcL | 02:49 EDT
Giants Lamb allergic to the football as of late.
Barkleytothehouse | 02:49 EDT
Broncos Is it just me, or do the Cowboys get more media attention than a lot of teams? Just seems that way to me.
JT1962 | 02:50 EDT
Not on the Red Zone Channel at least...
FrenchFred | 03:19 EDT
Giants Cowboys having a bad day and it still looks like they’re gonna win going away
trueblue63 | 02:50 EDT
That’s because the Cowboys on their worst day are better than the Giants on our best day. There are galaxies between us and them.
ItsTheDevils! | 02:53 EDT
Giants Mark Schlereth praising the Giants' culture makes me want to vomit.
OtherHalf747 | 02:53 EDT
He’s pretty much a caveman who hasn’t evolved yet.
Tea With Miss McGill | 02:54 EDT
Yeah. judge could get by with "we are continuing to play hard" forever with some people.
felinequickness | 02:54 EDT
(8:06) DAL punts
Giants Giants got more fight after the whistle is blown.
Harry Paratestes | 02:56 EDT
Giants Glennon is just starring down whoever his first read is.....
phatdaddy44 | 02:59 EDT
Can’t say he hasn't learned anything from Daniel Jones then, can you?
Tea With Miss McGill | 02:59 EDT
Giants We're definitely gonna score 9 points, but can we hit the magic 12?
srcog | 02:59 EDT
Giants Glennon's YPA is under 4. That's incredible.
NorCalBlue | 03:00 EDT
(4:30) 4th & 1 at NYG 29: M.Glennon for no gain. Turnover on downs
Giants Piles upon piles of sadness.
1989Bavaro | 03:03 EDT
Giants So we go to our weakness on 4th and short? That makes sense.
RGVcuse | 03:04 EDT
With a just-concussed QB no less.
NorCalBlue | 03:04 EDT
Giants You should not have to QB sneak with a 230lb back in the backfield.....
phatdaddy44 | 03:04 EDT
Giants Judge should be fired for that call.
Maryland Fan | 03:06 EDT
Giants Another wasted timeout… this guy is so clearly in over his head.
Bujie | 03:06 EDT
(2:43 - 3rd) D.Prescott pass to D.Schultz for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 21 - Giants 6
Giants HOFer Schultz again. Giants wouldnt know a TE if Mark Bavaro in his prime walked into their office.
jahmyrr | 03:08 EDT
Giants Shultz owns our middle all day.
marcL | 03:08 EDT
Giants Stop me if you've heard this before: We're getting shredded by a Cowboys TE.
RGVcuse | 03:08 EDT
(2:43) G.Zuerlein extra point is No Good
Giants Zuerlein is awful.
Barkleytothehouse | 03:08 EDT
He should be a Giant.
Barkleytothehouse | 03:08 EDT
Giants Fromm Fromm Fromm Fromm Fromm
njnygiants2k7 | 03:13 EDT
Giants We need Fromm We need Fromm We need Fromm
njnygiants2k7 | 03:14 EDT
Giants So firing Jason Garrett really worked for idiot Joe. Garrett should have been named interim head coach and Joe Judge fired.
Ipermission | 03:16 EDT
Giants Interception
IronGiant18 | 03:17 EDT
Giants Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. OMG.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 03:17 EDT
Giants I enjoy Joe Judge.
EvergladesUgly | 03:17 EDT

Fourth Quarter
(15:00) M.Glennon INTERCEPTED by M.Hooker
Giants EVERYONE has seen enough of Glennon!
kenneth.brody.7 | 03:18 EDT
The Dallas Defense disagrees.
Metalgarn | 03:18 EDT
Giants I'm telling you, its going to come out that Glennon is colorblind and sees the color blue as gray. Everyone is wearing the same jersey to him.
jahmyrr | 03:18 EDT
Giants Joe Judge can't survive this BS.
EvergladesUgly | 03:21 EDT
(12:03) DAL punts
Giants At least the Giants are consistent. They have the worst owners, the worst GM, the worst coach, and the worst back-up QB.
Wayward_Son | 03:26 EDT
Giants I miss Garrett.
GusBee | 03:28 EDT
Giants LMFAO false start on 4th down.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 03:30 EDT
Giants This is such a badly coached team man.
Bujie | 03:31 EDT
(8:41) NYG punts
Giants Now that Urban Meyer is gone, there is no more incompetently coached and managed team in the league than our New York Maras.
ZILLAG | 03:34 EDT
(8:32) D.Prescott sacked. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by NYG
Giants Is Jon Gruden doing anything next Sunday?
LT's Crazed Dog | 03:39 EDT
Urban Meyer?
GusBee | 03:40 EDT
My buddy Steve from high school is working, but I bet he'd call in sick for a coaching opportunity.
LT's Crazed Dog | 03:42 EDT
What does that have to do w/ Gruden or Meyer?
Greasy Meale | 03:43 EDT
I'm saying I'll pick a homeless schizophrenic off the NYC subway and let him coach for the rest of the season before I'd pick Joe Judge.
LT's Crazed Dog | 03:44 EDT
(8:19) M.Glennon pass deep left intended for K.Golladay INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs at DAL -2. Touchback
Eagles Watching the NFC east early game, I’m reminded that I still cannot believe we lost to the Giants.
Wooterdelphian | 03:40 EDT
Giants How many backups are the Cowboys playing now?
Deliguy | 03:43 EDT
Giants Really never thought I’d say this but I’m actually kinda missing Jason Garrett at the moment.
GiantsPride90 | 03:43 EDT
Giants We're really bringing back Judge. So gut-wrenching and depressing to think about.
RussellStringerBell | 03:45 EDT
Giants The Cowboys clearly have no fear of us. They are just screwing around at this point.
felinequickness | 03:47 EDT
(3:48) DAL punts
Giants Fromm is in.
IronGiant18 | 03:47 EDT
Giants Fromm Time.
njnygiants2k7 | 03:47 EDT
Giants I had to come back to see the secret Frommula.
Danny Dimes | 03:47 EDT
Giants 2/2. Fromm is the GOAT.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 03:48 EDT
BigBlueDoosh | 03:50 EDT
Giants Fromm here on out..
Optimist Pessimist | 03:52 EDT
Giants Nowhere to go Fromm here but up.
felinequickness | 03:53 EDT
Giants Gonna be a long week of Fromm puns..
Optimist Pessimist | 03:54 EDT
starting ...fromm now?
marcL | 03:54 EDT
Giants You're telling me that the coaches watched both of these QBs in practice all week and still couldn't figure out Fromm was better?
Danny Dimes | 03:50 EDT
We're talking about Joe Judge, here, DD.
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 03:51 EDT
Giants Fromm is going through progressions. I thought our QBs weren't allowed to do that?
Chris Mara's Stupid Horse | 04:00 EDT
Giants Judge looking mighty stupid with Fromm driving it down the field. Regardless of the situation.
Combo86 | 04:02 EDT
49ers The lame DAL @ NY game. It's an abomination, the Giants couldn't beat a High School team but every time they have review it's taken them forever. It doesn't matter what they call, best interest of the NFL to simply end this game.
bignerd | 04:04 EDT
Giants The reason Jake Fromm looks so good is because he spent the last 6 months with a different coaching staff.
GiantsFirst | 04:04 EDT
(1:21) 4th & 5 at DAL 9: J.Fromm pass incomplete. Turnover on downs
Giants Freddie Kitchens racks up 6 points. Jason Garrett was the problem? Nope.
Ipermission | 04:06 EDT
gremmie0 | 04:11 EDT

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