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The Washington Football Team so desperately wants to be the Dallas Cowboys and just proved it

The Cowboys learn that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It was just two weeks ago that the Dallas Cowboys were readying to face the Washington Football Team and thanks to the way their matchups against their rival were scheduled this year, they are now prepping for them yet again.

The first game took place in at FedEx Field, the stadium that the Washington Football Team calls home. It is common knowledge that Washington’s building is ripe with inefficiencies and the latest one had to do with the team’s benches that they set up for visiting units.

In the lead-up to Dallas’ visit there, the Cowboys had been tipped off about the benches and how they were not reliable from a heating standpoint by the Seattle Seahawks so they took matters into their own hands and had benches shipped in. The benches notably had the Cowboys name and logo which caused a fair bit of conversation, but as Dallas went on to win the game they also won the narrative.

The Cowboys have always been trendsetters and it appears that they have done it yet again. Their not-so-lovable little brothers want so desperately to be them that Washington is now trying to do the exact same thing that the Cowboys did.

On Tuesday it was reported, by the same person who referred to the Cowboys bringing their own benches in as “contemptible” by the way, that Washington is going to be using their own benches for all of their remaining road games this season. They even had them made by the same company that made the Dallas benches.

As it was noted two weeks ago, the Cowboys brought benches in specifically because the ones that Washington supplies to the visiting team are not adequate. This is not the case in other stadiums the way it is at FedEx Field, so one would imagine that Washington would use whatever money it took to have these made to improve their own home building. But logic or something else that evades them.

What’s more is that while it wasn’t exactly a chilly day for the Cowboys in Landover two weeks ago, FedEx Field is still an outdoor stadium. The Football Team is planning on bringing these benches - again where the sole purpose is to keep players warm - to AT&T Stadium on Sunday night, a building that is climate controlled and in Arlington, TX where the temperature is projected to be in the mid 60s at night. The roof might even be closed!

Never change, Washington. Never change.

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