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Cowboys vs. Football Team: 3 matchups to watch in Week 16 for the Dallas Cowboys

Key matchups to watch in Week 16 for the Dallas Cowboys.

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Not a whole lot is changed since the Dallas Cowboys played the Washington Football Team a few weeks ago in Week 14. There are a few additions and subtractions to both teams rosters that change things up a little bit, but overall this is the same team the Cowboys pretty much dominated just a short while ago, and hope to do the same once again by sweeping their second divisional rival in back to back weeks.

As key matchups go, the majority of them still heavily favor the Dallas Cowboys in this Week 16 meeting. The Cowboys are close to full strength and have the luxury of having a normal week of practice, whereas Washington is forced to play on a short week after losing Tuesday night to the Philadelphia Eagles. That doesn’t mean there aren’t important matchup to watch though.

Micah Parsons vs. Washington’s offense

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Due to his playmaking ability and versatility to play multiple positions at an extremely high level, Micah Parsons has turned himself into one of the more feared defensive players in the league in 2021. This week the Washington Football Team has the honor of trying to lessen the impact he has on the game. Whether it’s as a traditional off-ball linebacker, defensive end, or any other position he may line up at, Parsons is a chess piece type of defender that has to be accounted for on any given play. Because of that, Washington’s entire offense versus Micah Parsons is a key matchup to watch this week.

Kellen Moore vs. Washington’s defense

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

It’s more than a little disappointing to see Kellen Moore go from being a creative play-caller who could almost do no wrong earlier in the season to the vanilla, bland one we’ve seen recently. When the Cowboys offense was at their best they were an aggressive, attacking unit, but now they’re more of a conservative one. Sadly, there have been way too many short passes or screenplays behind the line of scrimmage lately. Moore has way too much talent at his disposal to see Dak Prescott and Company struggling like they have. It’s time to get things back in order and this week’s matchup provides that opportunity.

Terence Steele vs. Montez Sweat

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Tyron Smith was the Dallas Cowboys starting left tackle and Montez Sweat was an inactive for the Washington Football Team when they played one another a few weeks ago. Now it’s looking as if the opposite will be true in Week 16 when these two teams square off against one another. Sweat has recovered from the injury that held him out, while it’s looking as if Smith will miss his second game in a row due to injury. That leaves Terrence Steele as the likely starter at left tackle this week, which should make for an interesting matchup against WFT’s talented pass rusher. Keep an eye on these two because it should be an entertaining battle.

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