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Dallas Cowboys playoff picture: The Dallas Cowboys have officially won the NFC East!

The Cowboys are NFC East division champions!

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Since this season began it has been clear that the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC East. No other group has come particularly close to challenging them.

The Cowboys entered Week 16 with a commanding lead on their division rivals and set themselves up to where they could win it without even having to lift a finger. We will still see them play tonight against the Washington Football Team, but when they take the field they will officially have a few new caps and t-shirts that were some belated Christmas gifts as the Dallas Cowboys are officially NFC East Champions!

Dallas has clinched the division off of strength-of-victory over the Philadelphia Eagles which is why their remaining games do not matter with regards to the NFC East. Obviously they still want to win as many games as possible given that they are in the hunt for one of the top seeds in the NFC, potentially even the number one seed, but getting through this checkpoint is a necessary step.

This is actually the second step that Dallas has taken this week as they officially clinched a playoff spot before the division title on Thursday night thanks to the loss by the San Francisco 49ers. It has been a good news sort of Christmas week so hopefully those same vibes push us forward through the end of the calendar year and into the playoffs.

Dallas has now won the NFC East for the first time since 2018 and for the first time period under head coach Mike McCarthy. It is their fourth division title in the last eight years and the previous three all led to appearances in the divisional round.

Here’s hoping they find a way to get past that this season.

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