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Cowboys game ball: For the game against the Football team, do you need to ask?

The Cowboys offense was back, and one player set it all in motion.

NFL: Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys cruised to a blowout over the Washington Football team 56-14 and the game was never really close. Once Trevon Diggs made his interception, the 11th on the season for the corner, a rout was on. And this time, is just wasn’t the defense doing all the work. The Cowboys finally played some complementary football and it was a beautiful sight for Cowboys fans, and a nightmare for the rest of the NFL.

The Cowboys already had a profitable Week 16 even before the game started. First they made the playoffs, then they won the NFC East crown, all without playing a snap. Then they went out and laid a beatdown on their hated rival.

Of course, the narrative coming into the game was the Cowboys sputtering offense. And in that middle of that storm was Dak Prescott. The Cowboys quarterback had torn up the league through the first seven games of the season and was on track to be an MVP candidate. Then the calf, the bye and whatever else happened and Prescott was struggling.

He might have just got right.

Prescott was as good as could be in the first half of the game. It was noticeable that he was using a hurry-up tempo for much of the time, a tactic that was previously suggested to get Prescott more in-sync. Whatever was the cause, Prescott sizzled. He was 28 of 39 for 330 yards and four touchdowns. His passer rating was 131.4. Almost all of that was in the first half of the game.

There is another stat that can’t be overlooked, It’s not a huge stat, but significant. Four for 21. Four runs, 21 yards. Prescott was willing to use his legs on runs enough to make it a threat, and to pick up some key first downs. That kind of confidence was all over his game against the Football Team. He was accurate, decisive and rarely made risky throws. It was clinical.

That the Cowboys offense roared back to life is a bad omen for the rest of the playoff teams. Because the Cowboys defense was up to its usual tricks. Five sacks, two interceptions, one of them a pick-six. Oh yeah, the Cowboys also scored on a blocked punt. If the rest of the Cowboys continue to play like they have, then the return of the offense vaults them right back into top Super Bowl contender status.

It was one week, and the Football team was missing some key players. Still, this was a team playing to its maximum capacity. Bring on next week, and bring on the playoffs.

Welcome back, Dak.

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