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Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team: 10 winners as the NFC East Champs embarrassed their rival

A very Merry Christmas for the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Over the last couple of days the Dallas Cowboys experienced a lot of good.

They earned a playoff berth on Thursday night when the San Francisco 49ers loss and secured the NFC East before their own game began thanks to wins by the Atlanta Falcons and Las Vegas Raiders. Some may have wondered whether or not they would get up for the Washington Football Team given how much was happening without them lifting a finger, but they proved that they had a lot of work that they were ready to do indeed.

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Sunday night was a clinic. The Cowboys thrashed their division rival around like Hulk tossing Loki in the original Avengers and managed to score in literally every facet of the game in the process.

Dallas left no doubt not only that the division is theirs and that Washington is awful, they also announced their offense as one that is in fact - much to the surprise of anyone watching them for the last month - ready for the playoffs.

In the spirit of the last few days, including Christmas, we only have winners to discuss. Let’s begin.

Winner: The Dallas Cowboys

Any time you turn a December contest into a glorified preseason game by putting it on ice so early it means that things have gone rather well for you.

As noted the Cowboys are winners of their division and will at the very least host one playoff game. At present time should they win that first one then as the NFC’s number two seed they would at the very least host another. These are good things.

The Cowboys are winners of four in a row but the three before Sunday felt a little hollow in nature. There were parts of this team succeeding, but not the whole thing.

Well the whole thing was beating as one against Washington and look like a team that nobody wants to see come January.

Winner: Dak Prescott

In not even three full quarters of work Dak Prescott went 28 of 39, threw for 330 yards, and had 4 passing touchdowns.

Call it a slump, a down period, or whatever. There is no denying that Dak Prescott was playing poorly for about six weeks entering this game but responded with an announcement that he is now back.

We have been saying for a month now that if the Cowboys offense can play to form with this defense that we could have something special on our hands. Welcome to that something special.

Winner: Trevon Diggs

What was once a weird streak to start the season has now turned into a tie for the most interceptions in a season in Dallas Cowboys franchise history. All hail Trevon Diggs.

This is just insane. What’s more is because this was the first offensive play of the game for Washington.

Diggs is a magnet for the football like few people we have ever seen.

Winner: DeMarcus Lawrence

The internet will lie to you and tell you that Tank is not a good player because he does not generate the same sack numbers that other defensive ends do.

Lawrence defenders have long noted that the star pass rusher makes an impact in ways that aren’t always seen in box scores and stat sheets, but on Sunday night DeMarcus made an impact that everybody saw.

This is a defense with a healthy and right DeMarcus Lawrence. This is fun!

Winner: Amari Cooper

This past week Amari Cooper made a few headlines for wanting the ball more. I am totally fine with him wanting the ball if he is going to deliver the way that he did on Sunday night.

Truth be told Amari left a few plays out there on Sunday night, but the offense was far more fluid with him involved from the jump. Simply put he changes how they operate.

Winner: Ezekiel Elliott

You aren’t being fair to the situation if you are expecting all of the yards in the world from Ezekiel Elliott. That simply isn’t who he is anymore.

While that is true it is also true that Zeke is whatever the Cowboys need him to be. He has toughed it out through injuries this year and on Sunday delivered arguably his most impressive run of the season.

Zeke embodies the spirit of this team in that he will do whatever is most necessary to further their overall cause. It was great to see him get in the endzone twice.

Winner: Terence Steele

How could we not?!

What a moment.

Winner: Dalton Schultz

The offense was obviously back against Washington and with it back was Dalton Schultz.

It had been a while since we saw Schultz thrive throughout a game on offense and - despite Bobby McCain’s cheap shot against him later on - thrive Schultz did.

People obviously focus on the wide receivers on the Cowboys or the quarterback and now are enamored by the defense. Schultz is a great reminder, third down conversion after third down conversion, just how deep the star power on this team runs.

Winner: Kellen Moore

The six weeks preceding Sunday night were not great for Kellen Moore and, while we won’t know for a few months, may have significantly impacted his potential in this coming offseason’s coaching cycle. Put bluntly his offense really cooled off.

Against Washington though Kellen was back and back with a force. The Cowboys were moving with tempo, utilizing play action, and anything but predictable. It was a huge breath of fresh air.

Winner: Dan Quinn

There is plenty of credit to go around on the Dallas Cowboys and a lot of it belongs to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. What a job he has done.

We are finally at a point where Dallas consistently has their top pass rushers available and Quinn is making quite a fair amount of work with them.

When was the last time we saw constant pressure the way that Quinn dials it up? When was the last time the defense was this aggressive from start to finish?

It is clear that the defensive philosophy of this team has changed and Dan Quinn deserves a parade for making it happen. Let’s get him and everybody else one in February.

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