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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys vs. Football Team: ‘They are getting crushed faster than I can get drunk’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys rip out Washington’s soul.

Minnesota Vikings v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

The franchise with no name came to Dallas carrying their own benches, which must have been exhausting. How else do you explain the game being basically over by halftime?

And as sweet as a win against a formerly bitter rival is, it is so much sweeter when on Victory Monday you get to relive the agony and even utter despair of Washington fans watching their team crumble, with the occasional snide remark from other NFL fans thrown in for good measure.

So here’s your chance to relive Sunday’s prime time smackdown of a divisional rival via the comments made by NFL fans around the league while watching the game.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Washington Screw draft position and screw Dallas. Let's play to win!
DuncanInDC | 20:18 EDT
Washington Our Super Bowl.
murtd1 | 20:20 EDT
Czechurself | 20:20 EDT
Washington Everyone does the QB sneak except us.
Czechurself | 20:26 EDT
(11:39) DAL Punts
Washington Well, that’s a better start than two weeks ago.
John NC | 20:28 EDT
Washington Already better than 2 weeks ago.
(11:33) T.Heinicke pass INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
Washington Well there it is.
CartesianTheater | 20:30 EDT
Washington He tries so hard to throw the deep ball.
Scott Jennings | 20:30 EDT
Washington Well everyone who wants them to go deep on the first play...DAMN.
StillASkinsFan | 20:30 EDT
Washington Tough to compete against a guy that can see into your soul.
monroekelly21 | 20:31 EDT
Washington Who needs a 3-and-out when we can just go 1-and-done
CartesianTheater | 20:31 EDT
Washington Seriously, throw a 50:50 deep ball at the guy going for the season INT record.
MattInBrisVegas | 20:33 EDT
Eagles Trevon Diggs is good.
nononono | 20:34 EDT
Eagles It’s really gonna suck seeing that Diggs dude in Dallas for the next 30 years.
Kwahu | 20:35 EDT
He’s not actually good. He just gets tons of interceptions. There is a reason he is the most targeted corner in the league.
travisfulgoat | 20:45 EDT
You are an embarrassment to football. Go back to your mom's basement.
konaboy4 | 20:53 EDT
Washington The Defense will be gassed before the first quarter is over.
BillyBigBeer | 20:35 EDT
Washington Defense is already gasping.
BillyBigBeer | 20:36 EDT
(7:42) D.Prescott pass to E.Elliott for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 7 - WAS 0
Washington Dallas' game plan to go no huddle against all these new players is smart.
dg28 | 20:36 EDT
Washington Looks like a beat down coming.
shally | 20:40 EDT
(6:22) WAS Punts
Washington Y’all ready for a historic and embarrassing blowout?
Hooskins | 20:43 EDT
Washington This is going to be a long night.
kayersoze | 20:44 EDT
Washington Glad I’m at work this looks like a slaughter in the making.
Mm90 | 20:44 EDT
Washington Long night ahead.
1052skins | 20:45 EDT
Washington Worst part is, if they draft a QB in the first next year, that's just gonna give this coaching staff at least 2 more years.
bppjr | 20:46 EDT
Washington We're being outcoached - this game is gonna get ugly.
moeFla | 20:47 EDT
Washington Must be nice to have a QB who can throw on a line between the hashes.
moeFla | 20:48 EDT
Washington Dak is on pace for over 800 yards.
MattInBrisVegas | 20:48 EDT
Washington That was a serious hit to Lamb. Surprised he popped right back up.
CartesianTheater | 20:48 EDT
(3:14) D.Prescott pass to D.Schultz for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 14 - WAS 0
Washington Defense has given up almost 200 yards already.
Number87 | 20:51 EDT
Washington Well the WFT is good at coming from behind! Wait …
BillyBigBeer | 20:52 EDT
Washington Switching to Yellowstone. Done with season.
Discodc | 20:53 EDT
Washington 9.1/pass and 5/rush for Dallas. 157 yards in 12 minutes.
monroekelly21 | 20:54 EDT
Washington My goodness almost 200 yards in 12 min.
kayersoze | 20:54 EDT
Washington Dallas decided to spot us 15 yards.
Bill-in-Bangkok | 20:55 EDT
Washington Ok, here we go, and we starting at the 40 yard line.
kayersoze | 20:55 EDT
Steelers Freakin Cowboys are peaking at the right time
Polamolicules Dude | 20:57 EDT
(2:27) T.Heinicke pass INTERCEPTED by D.Lawrence. D.Lawrence for 40 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 21 - WAS 0
Washington Goodnight......
moeFla | 20:57 EDT
Washington WOW!
StillASkinsFan | 20:57 EDT
Washington What in the blue Hell is really going on.
Redskins21Life | 20:57 EDT
Early bed time, that's what.
B&G Beatdown | 20:58 EDT
Eagles Washington is getting embarrassed.
Fly Like An Eagle | 20:58 EDT
Washington This game should have been ‘flexed’ out of prime time. I really prefer to get my pain and embarrassment over with a little earlier in the day
JjacobyforHOF | 20:58 EDT
Washington Waited all day for this....shudda went to church, washed the cars, spit into the wind.
moeFla | 20:58 EDT
Worry not! Prayer definitely doesn't work with this team. Church would not have helped.
Klammer | 21:00 EDT
Eagles Wow… having Gregory, Parsons, and Lawrence makes them a dangerous pass rushing team.
TheDoctorisrealin | 20:59 EDT
Washington I predict final score: 54 -10.
kayersoze | 20:59 EDT
How do you expect us to score 10?
Bill-in-Bangkok | 20:59 EDT
All in the 4th quarter called garbage time.
kayersoze | 21:00 EDT
Eagles If #2 seed is on the line Dallas will be coming for the Eagles in that last game.
konaboy4 | 21:00 EDT
Washington They are getting crushed faster than I can get drunk. They can’t even lose properly.
bleednburgandy- | 21:00 EDT
Washington Just got home, turned on the game, watched a pick-6, and turned off the game. Merry Christmas.
WeiszGuy | 21:00 EDT
Washington's still just the first quarter?
Bill-in-Bangkok | 21:03 EDT
Steelers Ok fine I put on the stupid game and what do I see? The Steelers game all over again but this time they’re wearing red and gold jerseys.
RenoSteelersFan | 21:05 EDT
Washington If this was a fight they would stop it.
Gary66 | 21:05 EDT

Second Quarter
Washington Cheers to whoever can watch this thing sober. I'm gonna be tanked by halftime at this rate.
CartesianTheater | 21:08 EDT
Steelers LOL. Collinsworth begging fans not to change the channel even though it's 21-0.
Toronto Steeler Fan | 21:10 EDT
(14:53) T.Heinicke pass to A.Gibson for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 21 - WAS 7
Washington TD yay.
John NC | 21:10 EDT
Washington Another TD and it is lights out, please stop them!
kayersoze | 21:17 EDT
Washington D giving up whatever Dallas wants.
monroekelly21 | 21:17 EDT
(10:40) E.Elliott left end for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 28 - WAS 7
Washington The defense is in the same front play after play....easy to call against the same looks.
moeFla | 21:18 EDT
Washington After 13 seasons Ron will have only 3 seasons over 500?
Gilchrist | 21:19 EDT
Washington I was expecting this score at the END of the game...
BillyBigBeer | 21:20 EDT
Washington 28-7 with 10 minutes to go in the half. UNACCEPTABLE.
Czechurself | 21:20 EDT
Washington I really freaking hate Dallas man.
CartesianTheater | 21:20 EDT
God hates Dallas but he hates us more.
ShahShahS21T | 21:21 EDT
Washington How do you get rid of an owner????
Redstinkies | 21:21 EDT
Washington Score here. Hold. Get ball back for second half…this is playing out perfectly.
Teflong_Dong2 | 21:21 EDT
You optimism is noble, but borders on insanity.
BillyBigBeer | 21:22 EDT
I’ll have what he’s having.
John NC | 21:22 EDT
Washington Allen punched Payne.
monroekelly21 | 21:23 EDT
Washington I don't want Allen and Payne fighting. That cannot end well.
dg28 | 21:23 EDT
Washington Wow. Wheels have fallen off and the hubs are throwing sparks.
BillyBigBeer | 21:24 EDT
Washington Holy crap. Team has completely fallen apart.
Maroook! | 21:24 EDT
Washington Wow, teammates truly fighting on National TV.
murtd1 | 21:24 EDT
Washington I like Dallas for exposing what frauds this team is.
kilbyman | 21:25 EDT
Washington Anyone pokes me in the forehead, xxxx is hitting the fan.
Twice Thriced | 21:27 EDT
Washington I really believe this team is an extension of Snyder. It's embarrassing.
BillyBigBeer | 21:27 EDT
Washington I'm not saying Heinicke is playing well. But he is getting harassed every play.
TN1 | 21:28 EDT
(6:37) WAS punts
Washington What caused the fight?
RepChar | 21:29 EDT
They were arguing over the team name.
Teflong_Dong2 | 21:30 EDT
Washington Our team will be named the Armada, so …
ShahShahS21T | 21:30 EDT
Tonight it's the Titanic.
BillyBigBeer | 21:31 EDT
Armada is being torpedoed.
1052skins | 21:31 EDT
Washington Hm...we gotta get someone who plays QB like number 4 is right now.
moeFla | 21:33 EDT
Washington My goodness, here comes another score for Cowboys.
kayersoze | 21:35 EDT
Washington Ooof this is bad. Will people be fired??
HTTRinSilverSpring | 21:35 EDT
Washington MAKE IT STOP.
John NC | 21:35 EDT
Washington Sell the team, greasy hobbit!
Maroook! | 21:36 EDT
Washington What is Ron's game plan tonight?
Gilchrist | 21:37 EDT
No survivors
Teflong_Dong2 | 21:37 EDT
(2:31) D.Prescott pass to T.Steele for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 35 - WAS 7
Washington Now they are just rubbing our noses in it.
WestCoastHokie | 21:39 EDT
Washington So that is a TD by a DL and and OL tonight for Dallas. Rubbing our noses in it now!
StillASkinsFan | 21:39 EDT
Washington Why do we have coaches? This just looks like a bunch of idiots in a school yard.
kilbyman | 21:39 EDT
Washington People talking like we were unprepared. Impossible, we brought our benches.
Washington WFT loves to get embarrassed on National TV. It is a thing.
Washington Dallas is just making fun of the miserable runt’s team now. Tackle eligible is just playing with us.
Howdy0494 | 21:43 EDT
Washington The disparity in talent on the field is glaring. Effort is not much better.
Twice Thriced | 21:46 EDT
(1:49) WAS punts
Washington Dalllas wants to score so bad.
kayersoze | 21:52 EDT
Good for them. They want to rest starters in the second half so smart.
HTTRinSilverSpring | 21:54 EDT
Dolphins Well this game is a slaughter!
daytonadolfan | 21:55 EDT
Washington Dak throwing bombs up 35-7 with 20 seconds left in 1st half
Maroook! | 21:55 EDT
(0:05) D.Prescott pass short left to A.Cooper for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 42 - WAS 7
Washington We have given up 6 touchdowns in a half? How does that happen?
WestCoastHokie | 21:58 EDT
Washington Hi TTN!!!
hitman477s | 21:58 EDT
End of Half
Washington Ron should quit at halftime.
Mike Mann | 22:01 EDT
Eagles If they’re smart they’ll rest their starters and get ready for AZ. Rams and GB both have to play desperate teams next week.
phuckdallass | 22:02 EDT
Washington Forfeit second half and tank Jerrah’s concession sales.
Red_Pill | 22:02 EDT
Washington Please make it stop!!!!!!
Demj | 22:02 EDT
Washington 388 yards and 24 1st downs allowed...
redskinbo | 22:02 EDT
Washington Locker room cam please, show the fights.
BucsgoHAM12 | 22:05 EDT
Washington Merry Christmas, Dallas.
WCoastskins | 22:12 EDT

Third Quarter
Raiders Bloodbath out in the Metroplex tonight.
ScreamingOrc | 22:15 EDT
(14:05) WAS Punts
(12:05) DAL Punts
Washington Cowboys not even playing now. Just kill me now.
Bill-in-Bangkok | 22:23 EDT
(10:28) WAS Punts
Washington It feels like this game should be almost over but there is still 10 minutes left in the third.
Washington Cowboys are trying to run out the clock.
Bill-in-Bangkok | 22:31 EDT
(8:14 ) DAL Punts
Steelers Did Dan Snyder buy the Steeler play book?
Les Norton | 22:33 EDT
Washington Did Derrius Guice go to prison for his sexual assault?
Teflong_Dong2 | 22:33 EDT
Case dismissed.
TAA33 | 22:34 EDT
What!?? Sign him!
Teflong_Dong2 | 22:34 EDT
Eagles Really dumb that the Cowboys are leaving their starters in.
WhatEvas | 22:37 EDT
Gotta let Dak pile on those garbage time stats.
HamMcVick12-5-7 | 22:42 EDT
People like you have yammerd on for years Dak isn’t good and only puts up stats in garbage time. He’s the best QB in the division by a large margin.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 23:30 EDT
Every QB ends up with some garbage stats. But for some reason only Eagles fans obsess with Prescott’s garbage stats.
GBAB1973 | 23:31 EDT
(6:12) WAS punt is BLOCKED by C.Clement, RECOVERED by DAL-C.Golston, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 49 - WAS 7
Washington Wow
Mr C from Richmond | 22:39 EDT
Washington LOL
kilbyman | 22:39 EDT
Washington I am out.
WestCoastHokie | 22:39 EDT
Washington You got to be ...I'm done, good night.
essrand804 | 22:39 EDT
Washington I'd rather spend a day in a small enclosed space with my own farts than continue to watch this.
CartesianTheater | 22:44 EDT
(2:19) 4th & 1: T.Heinicke pass incomplete. Turnover on downs
Washington Just so you know, Dak did NOT have a perfect QB rating today. Mission accomplished!
Klammer | 22:50 EDT
Washington There’s still a quarter to go…holy crap…honestly thought it was the 4th.
KCPhoenix_11 | 22:52 EDT
(0:53) C.Rush pass short right to M.Turner to WAS 14 for 61 yards
Washington That is just demoralizing.
dg28 | 22:52 EDT
Washington I'm just laughing now.
Bill-in-Bangkok | 22:52 EDT
Washington Video game style.
kayersoze | 22:54 EDT
Washington The Embarrassments.
1052skins | 22:54 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Eagles Coach Ron Rivera told reporters that Washington is ready for their upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Cowboys. When a reporter informed the game was played tonight, Rivera replied, "Wait, what?"
Varjak76 | 22:55 EDT
Was this for reals or a joke?
Revenge of Weapon X | 22:59 EDT
56-14 tells me it wasn't a joke.
grantspectations | 00:41 EDT
Washington I’m a Chiefs fan and I’m embarrassed for you guys.
ReggyReg | 22:55 EDT
(14:16) C.Rush pass to M.Turner for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 56 - WAS 7
Washington After the season Ron Rivera should be returned to Easter Island.
MattInBrisVegas | 22:59 EDT
Washington DAMN..."A walkover" says Al Micheals and he isn't wrong
StillASkinsFan | 23:01 EDT
(11:39) WAS Punts
Lions Dallas is putting Washington out to pasture tonight, up 56-7 in the 4th Quarter.
whatevergong82 | 23:04 EDT
Washington We spent 4 first round picks on this D-line and yet it sucks. Young, Payne, Allen, and Sweat.
Sebastian75 | 23:05 EDT
Washington 2 years to pick a name. Changing the culture. Yup that losing loser culture has sure changed.
HTTRinSilverSpring | 23:05 EDT
Washington I love how hyped up Parsons is btw. Guy is running straight to the QB unblocked and yet he's getting praised nonstop, lol. Every sack he's getting he's running free to the QB.
Sebastian75 | 23:14 EDT
Worst take of the year right here.
realfanandairman | 23:54 EDT
Washington Dallas is bored
kayersoze | 23:18 EDT
(9:56) DAL Punts
(2:46) K.Allen pass to J.Bates. TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 56 - WAS 14
Washington The NFL feels bad for us, lol. We got a free TD, lol.
kayersoze | 23:20 EDT
Washington Dallas trying to be nice now and give us points.
Gilchrist | 23:20 EDT
Washington I have two Cowboys fans in my office and they were not as nasty two weeks ago as normal. I think they feel sorry for us. That pisses me off more than their arrogance.
TN1 | 23:24 EDT
Washington The factory of sadness...... See you next week.
Mr C from Richmond | 23:29 EDT

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