Dak didn't have his best night

That's a given. It's bad enough that Dallas hasn't beat the Saints in the Superdome since 2009.

It would have absolutely been fun to put up 40 points against the Saints, but that didn't happen. Missed throws, running the wrong route, those things happen. This is the first time the entire offensive line (albeit Conner M in for Conner W) has been together. Still, I am perplexed about the need to run it up the gut early, I get that it acts like a body blow in a fight, but in that same manner, toss sweeps also, pass rushers want to get up field instead of moving left to right or right to left.

There is absolutely no need to worry that Dallas didn't put up 40. Here's some examples of the last few times Dallas has played New Orleans:

2014, AT@T Stadium 38-17 Win

2015, The Superdome 26-20 Loss

2018 AT@T Stadium 13-10 Win

2019 The Superdome 12-10 Loss

Obviously last night.

This win was the first time since 1978 that Dallas beat New Orleans in the Superdome by a margin of 10 or more points

While there are things to correct on offense and defense, namely the o-line re-gelling and the defense figuring out how to stop mobile QB's, let's just enjoy this win, please??

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