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Dallas Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware named Hall of Fame finalist for 2022

The former Cowboys star could be a first-ballot honoree.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
It’s just a matter of time.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware received a pretty big honor on Thursday as he was named as a finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame for 2022. Of course, there is a lot of sentiment that he will be honored further when he could a first-ballot inductee, but that’s for a future date. For now, we settle for this step on the path.

Ware was one of the great Cowboys pass rushers. During his nine years in Dallas, he had a remarkable 117 sacks, 576 total tackles, and 185 quarterback hits. He also forced 32 fumbles, had seven fumble recoveries including two for scores, two interceptions, and a touchdown on one of the picks.

The Cowboys parted ways with him, unfortunately, but it turned out to be a boon for him. He would go on to add to his totals in the final three years of his career with the Denver Broncos and earned himself a Super Bowl ring in the process, recording five tackles and two sacks in the championship game. In total, he was named All-Pro four times, selected for nine Pro Bowls, and was a second-team member of the Hall of Fame’s All 2000s team.

The decision to move on from him, attributed to cap considerations, was heavily debated at the time. In the end, it was an amicable break, as he signed a one day contract in 2017 so he could officially retire as a Cowboy. Additionally, Ware is a frequent visitor to the Star in Frisco and has been seen offering guidance and tips to the pass rushers that followed him. In 2018, he also had an official position with the Broncos as a pass rush consultant.

It was no surprise to see him named a finalist in his first year of eligibility. Congratulations to one of the greats to wear the Star.

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