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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys at Saints: “Micah Parsons is a bad man.”

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys come out of New Orleans with a win.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were thinking while they were watching the Cowboys outlast the Saints - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game.

Follow along as the drama unfolded on Thursday and the game inched towards its inevitable conclusion.

It’s always good to get a perspective from outside of the bubble, and this will give us all a glimpse at how other fans view the Cowboys. Thanks goodness for a victory, otherwise it wouldn’t be so fun to go through all of these comments about the Cowboys.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Dolphins Cow (people of unspecified gender identity to be determined at a later date) 32 - Saints 17 - book it, don't book it. . . . . don't care
holland182 |19:30 EDT
Lions We need the Cowboys to beat the Saints, then we can win the Super Bowl if things go right. Hang in there folks. 6-10-1
1951LION |20:04 EDT
Saints I have a feeling the Saints pull this one off. I have no logic to back up this feeling.
snapp44 |20:06 EDT
Packers Dallas should win this one. The Saints are really beat up. But their defense is still good and I don't like to bet against Sean Payton.
positivebob |20:10 EDT
Saints Well that was our most product opening drive in a while at least.
Mr. Mango |20:26 EDT
NO Punts
DAL Punts
Saints We have to be able to run the ball..somehow. Don't ask me how.
whatwasthat |20:35 EDT
Saints Taysom doesn't look at all rusty or uncomfortable. Not bad!
Aaron90 |20:39 EDT
Saints Hey, is that Dan Quin? We got this for sure!
snapp44 |20:40 EDT
(7:56) NO 56 yard field goal is No Good
Saints Not even close smh.
Mr. Mango |20:40 EDT
Saints LMAO...Who thought he would make it?
ZipCode70816 |20:40 EDT
WFT If the defense doesn't hold, that FG try was stupid imho.
Czechurself |20:41 EDT
Saints Was there anyone who gave him better than a 10% chance on that kick?
Phantom_Floyd |20:41 EDT
Saints Payton is coaching like he knows everything has to break perfectly to steal a win.
Biddy44 |20:44 EDT
(5:15) 4th & 2 at NO 34: D.Prescott pass incomplete to C.Lamb. Turnover on downs
Saints Ha ha, covid Cowboys.
metryman |20:46 EDT
Saints That's the Quinn I know.
snapp44 |20:46 EDT
WFT Micah Parsons is the player I thought Chase Young was gonna be.
Teflong Dong1 |20:47 EDT
Steelers Is Taysom Hill an actual QB? I thought he was a TE who could throw a little.
Toronto Steeler Fan |20:50 EDT
Saints Is Aikman Taysom's dad or something? The excuses for him he is making.
Franman1018 |20:51 EDT
NO Punts
Saints I'm thinking Dallas will score this drive.
ZipCode70816 |20:51 EDT
Saints Their d-line is dominating our o-line…no surprise there.
Biddy44 |20:53 EDT
(3:00) D.Prescott pass to A.Cooper to NO 36 for 41 yards
Saints Welp
Mr. Mango |20:55 EDT
Saints Woo what a play by the Cowboys.
Aaron90 |20:55 EDT
(1:51) D.Prescott pass short left to C.Lamb to NO 1 for 33 yards
(0:59) D.Prescott pass to M.Gallup for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 7 - Saints 0
Eagles That's a nice catch by Gallup.
South Dakota Eagle |20:58 EDT
Saints Can we please have one of their WRs
Mr. Mango |20:58 EDT
Saints This is why you draft receivaaaahs!
Aaron90 |20:58 EDT
Eagles Sucks that Gallup is the 3rd Dallas WR and is better than all the Eagles WRs except for maaaaybe Smith.
David Okinsky |21:00 EDT
Saints Yet another quarter with no Saints score.
mjxs |21:04 EDT

Second Quarter
Saints 7-7 coming up.
Oreck Vincent |21:09 EDT
(13:02) T.Hill pass to L.Humphrey for 24 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 7 - Saints 7
Saints TD!!!!!! Humphrey!!!
wcoyote |21:09 EDT
Saints We’re going to win this game. Unless this championship defense can’t stop them.
Oreck Vincent |21:11 EDT
Falcons This is like watching Russia vs China. I want them both to lose!
ATLFan57 |21:17 EDT
Saints 3rd and long....EYES CLOSED
ZipCode70816 |21:17 EDT
(9:09) G.Zuerlein 55 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 10 - Saints 7
Saints Does that Kicker ever miss against us? SMH.
Mr. Mango |21:19 EDT
Saints We still going to win this game.
Oreck Vincent |21:27 EDT
NO Punts
Saints The Saints need to bring some pressure on this 3rd down.
Oreck Vincent |21:30 EDT
Saints Nice job defense.
ZipCode70816 |21:30 EDT
Saints Nice sack!
Mr. Mango |21:30 EDT
Saints Sweet!
wcoyote |21:30 EDT
DAL Punts
Saints We need a nice long drive here...
ZipCode70816 |21:32 EDT
Saints Feels like a miracle we're down only 3 (for now).
Mr. Mango |21:34 EDT
Saints I can see the future: 14-10.
Oreck Vincent |21:36 EDT
(2:28) T.Hill pass deep left INTERCEPTED by J.Kearse at DAL 5
Saints Bruh.
Mr. Mango |21:38 EDT
Saints In...
wcoyote |21:38 EDT
Steelers Wow. What a fantastic interception
3rivers6rings |21:39 EDT
Saints Wow....that was an awesome pick...I hate to say it.
ZipCode70816 |21:39 EDT
Panthers Parsons is a freak of nature, wait until he settles in and get his instincts up to par in pass coverage.
adam carter |21:40 EDT
Saints Please sign Gallup in FA.
Mr. Mango |21:40 EDT
Saints Another team that has 3 receivers better than our best. We are not good.
Biddy44 |21:40 EDT
Eagles Those Dallas WR catches are unbelievable. Eagles just don’t have anyone that make these plays.
EagleTruth |21:41 EDT
Saints I gotta say those Cowboys sure do know how to get their feet down.
ZipCode70816 |21:41 EDT
Saints So this is what real NFL WRs look like? Cool.
Phantom_Floyd |21:41 EDT
Falcons In all seriousness, where the hell was this kind of defense when Dan Quinn was in Atlanta for 6 years?!
ATLFan57 |21:43 EDT
WFT Parsons going to be a MAJOR problem.
Czechurself |21:45 EDT
Saints Lamb is better at his position than ANY Saints player is at theirs. FO better step up its draft game ASAP.
Aaron90 |21:46 EDT
Seahawks Neither of these teams seem concerned about "establishing the run".
uwhusky1991 |21:47 EDT
Saints At least Hill didn’t throw a pick-six in this half? Looking for something positive, anything…
mjxs |21:48 EDT
Saints At least this game is a heck of a lot better than the last two...for sure. They don't look totally incompetent.
ZipCode70816 |21:49 EDT
Wait until the second half
mjxs |21:49 EDT
(0:04) G.Zuerlein 34 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 13 - Saints 7
Saints Whew only 3.
wcoyote |21:52 EDT
Saints Well, holding them to a FG is good.
ZipCode70816 |21:52 EDT
WFT Elliott looks so slow.
LucasO |21:53 EDT
Running through that Cabo Sand
Czechurself |21:54 EDT
Ewoks have short legs.
Richard Marlowe |21:55 EDT
Saints Actually, game has been pretty competitive..the Dallas skill players have just made several incredible catches/interceptions.
whatwasthat |21:59 EDT
Eagles Did I hear Gallup's available for next year?
froggyluv |22:06 EDT
Saints Does anyone else feel like Terry Bradshaw is a little past his prime?
whatwasthat |22:06 EDT

Third Quarter
DAL Punts
Saints Nice 3 and out Defense.
ZipCode70816 |22:08 EDT
Saints Dallas is getting their plays but the D is making them EARN everything. I like it.
12tribes |22:09 EDT
Eagles Moore looks like a Mormon!
Dawk4life20 |22:13 EDT
Saints I'm all for Hill running until they can stop him...This will open up the bomb play Payton wants so badly.
ZipCode70816 |22:16 EDT
Saints Damn...that was such a nice drive...until it wasn't.
ZipCode70816 |22:18 EDT
(8:31) NO field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 13 - Saints 10
Saints The man can’t throw with that splint in his finger.
mjxs |22:19 EDT
Saints Keep in mind that this game would have been tied if we didn't miss that first kick.
Oreck Vincent |22:19 EDT
Giants Damn, Dak could eat breakfast behind that line.
bullet4947 |22:20 EDT
Saints One turnover game.
wcoyote |22:22 EDT
Eagles What is a linebacker?
jeagles05 |22:25 EDT
It’s when you’re in the grocery store and people send you to the back of the line.
Greenboogerstastebetter |22:34 EDT
DAL Punts
Saints We're going to win this game.
Oreck Vincent |22:25 EDT
Saints Credit to the Saints, D and O are playing just well enough to give them a chance…unlike the past 2 games.
Biddy44 |22:25 EDT
PENALTY on NO-G.Griffin, Illegal Blindside Block
Saints Drive killer.
Mr. Mango |22:28 EDT
Saints Punt because of the cheating ass Refs.
Oreck Vincent |22:30 EDT
Saints Can always count on the zebras to say, “not so fast” when things are looking up for the Saints.
Phantom_Floyd |22:32 EDT
NO Punts
(3:55) T.Pollard left end for 58 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 20 - Saints 10
WFT Yup, Pollard is better than Zeke.
B&G Beatdown |22:36 EDT
Saints DAMN...SMH
ZipCode70816 |22:36 EDT
Saints Game....
wcoyote |22:36 EDT
Saints Oh my God.
Mr. Mango |22:36 EDT
Saints Can someone, anyone tell me what Marcus Williams was doing there?
Phantom_Floyd |22:36 EDT
Saints Franchise tagged Marcus Williams is an even worse tackler than regular Marcus Williams.
A_Brazil |22:37 EDT
Saints That BS call against the Saints completely changed the game.
Oreck Vincent |22:40 EDT

Fourth Quarter
(15:00) T.Hill sacked at DAL 37 for -11 yards (M.Parsons)
Seahawks Parsons is a bad man.
Bad Order |22:47 EDT
Seahawks Pollard going to be the Cowboys main RB in the near future.
IceLake |22:47 EDT
One the best one- two punches in the NFL.
Bad Order |22:55 EDT
Saints We can’t be this dumb.
USMCSAINT1024 |22:47 EDT
Saints Sean Payton out thinking himself again.
Oreck Vincent |22:47 EDT
Saints A long play action on a third and two? WTH?
mjxs |22:48 EDT
NO Punts
(13:32) D.Prescott pass to C.Lamb to DAL 31 for 25 yards
Saints These WRs are ridiculous.
Mr. Mango |22:51 EDT
Saints How the heck all these other receivers making those kind of catches?
ZipCode70816 |22:51 EDT
Giants Another big game for Parsons. Thinking back to the draft - if I’m not mistaken, he was available to us. But, someone decided to trade down and take a WR that is rarely on the field. That kind of decision making should get someone fired.
ronrat2 |22:52 EDT
It's making sick watching Parsons and knowing he could have been a Giant.
Graymatter29 |23:20 EDT
Don’t be fooled. The Giants would never have been smart enough to change his position from linebacker to defensive end
OnceAGiantOnlyAGiant10 |23:35 EDT
Raiders Why didn’t we draft Lamb??? Never listen to fans, GMs.
rdesai.711 |22:52 EDT
Saints I wish we just had ONE of these WRs
Phantom_Floyd |22:52 EDT
DAL Punts
Saints The Saints time to win this game has passed. This is officially garbage time
mjxs |22:56 EDT
Saints Oh well… At least we got 3 quarters of decent play from our boys tonight. Way better than the past couple of games.
ZipCode70816 |22:59 EDT
NO Punts
Saints Turnover time!!
orndorf2 |23:00 EDT
(8:17) D.Prescott pass intended for C.Lamb INTERCEPTED
Saints Nice. Gotta capitalize.
Mr. Mango |23:04 EDT
Saints Thank God.
Oreck Vincent |23:04 EDT
Saints YES!!! There it is...Now we gotta get a TD off of it.
ZipCode70816 |23:04 EDT
Eagles Only funny thing about this is the Saints fall from grace.
Kwahu |23:06 EDT
(7:19) T.Hill sacked at DAL 44 for 0 yards (D.Lawrence). FUMBLES (D.Lawrence), RECOVERED by DAL.
Saints OK...that's game.
ZipCode70816 |23:07 EDT
Saints Game.
Mr. Mango |23:07 EDT
Saints We just can’t tolerate success.
Phantom_Floyd |23:07 EDT
(7:19) Play was REVERSED. T.Hill pass incomplete
Saints Forward pass.
Oreck Vincent |23:08 EDT
Saints A pass.
orndorf2 |23:08 EDT
Saints Clearly incomplete.
Phantom_Floyd |23:08 EDT
Saints Go for it.
Oreck Vincent |23:10 EDT
(7:12) 4th & 8: T.Hill pass to D.Harris to DAL 32 for 12 yards
Saints Holy smokes we got it.
Mr. Mango |23:10 EDT
Saints WHEW...Really needed that after shooting ourselves in the foot 3 times.
ZipCode70816 |23:10 EDT
(6:32) T.Hill pass INTERCEPTED by D.Kazee
Saints Bruhhh
Mr. Mango |23:11 EDT
Saints LMAO...OMG We cannot catch a break at all.
ZipCode70816 |23:11 EDT
DAL Punts
Saints There's still time. Dallas is trying to give us the game.
Oreck Vincent |23:16 EDT
Saints We have definitely had chances this game, just can't put points on the board.
ZipCode70816 |23:16 EDT
(4:50) T.Hill pass deep right INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
Saints Int and int...
wcoyote |23:17 EDT
Saints Good Lord!
Oreck Vincent |23:17 EDT
Saints Man!!!!!!! This guy.
wcoyote |23:17 EDT
Saints What the heck man.
Mr. Mango |23:17 EDT
DAL Punts
Saints Cowboys know our offense can't do squat in the passing game...they don't need to really do anything else to win.
ZipCode70816 |23:19 EDT
Saints The fact that it took Payton the entire preseason to decide that Winston should start over Hill is mind-blowing.
Phantom_Floyd |23:21 EDT
(2:52) Carlos Watkins 29 Yd Interception Return
Cowboys 27 - Saints 10
ZipCode70816 |23:22 EDT
Saints Holy.....
wcoyote |23:22 EDT
Saints lol
Mr. Mango |23:22 EDT
Saints Jameis's price just tripled.
Oreck Vincent |23:22 EDT
Saints Winston laughing his ass off and saying...and y'all were worried about me throwing INTs.
ZipCode70816 |23:24 EDT
Saints Tons of Cowboys fans at the dome.
juan94athree |23:24 EDT
Saints Good thing the Cowboys dropped those other 3 INTs.
Neutral Zone Infraction |23:27 EDT
(2:47) T.Hill pass to D.Harris for 70 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 27 - Saints 17
Saints Looks like the Dallas defense felt sorry for us and gave that one to us....LOL
ZipCode70816 |23:28 EDT
Saints Well you got the long bomb.
wcoyote |23:28 EDT
WFT Matt Stafford-level of garbage time stat padding
Teflong Dong1 |23:29 EDT
That's Stat Padford to you, sir.
KyleSmithforGM |23:29 EDT
Saints Do you think it is possible that when Sean Payton says he likes the receiver room, he is talking about the room? :)
whatwasthat |23:37 EDT
Saints Man the Cowboys have a player in Parsons
USMCSAINT1024 |23:42 EDT
Packers I've never admitted this publicly, but I really do like the Cowboys blue uniforms. Believe my distaste for the organization would be much less if they had been wearing them at home all these years.
I. B. Alwaysright |23:46 EDT
Falcons Wondering if maybe we should have gone Parsons instead with the 4th overall pick... Stud
TrustInFalcons |23:48 EDT
Raiders Freezing cold take: Micah Parsons is really, really good.
torindorn4life |01:57 EDT

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