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We are about to experience an onslaught of NFC East games across all four teams

Get ready some high-octane NFC East action.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys look like they have full control over the NFC East, but until t-shirts and caps have been secured anything can happen. We all had thoughts along these lines following the team’s Thanksgiving Day loss as, at the time, the Cowboys were 7-4 with the Philadelphia Eagles (5-6 heading into last weekend) lurking. Thankfully the New York Giants kept them at bay, established more breathing room for Dallas, and the Cowboys won against the New Orleans Saints to get us through those rocky waters.

It appears as if the Cowboys should win their first division title since 2018, but that isn’t to say that the NFC East isn’t going to experience a ton of drama over the coming weeks. We noted back in the offseason about how the league jammed two thirds of common NFC East games into the season’s final five weeks and we have just about arrived to Week 14.

Buckle up.

We are about to experience an onslaught of NFC East games across all four teams

As the weekend is unfolding, the Dallas Cowboys are off with all of their division rivals getting set to play AFC teams. We obviously want to see Washington, Philadelphia, and New York all lose, but soon enough one of them is going to have to lose on a week-to-week basis.

Just what are we talking about exactly? Well after this week’s rounds of games are over the NFC East is going to be all the rage. Philadelphia will be on their bye next week, but after that they finish their season with four straight NFC East games. Beginning next week, the Football Team finishes their season with five straight NFC East games.

From Week 14 on there will be at least one NFC East game happening every week and three different weeks with two (meaning all four teams are playing within the division). That is three of the final five weeks that will feature all four teams clashing with one another.

  • Week 14: Dallas at Washington
  • Week 15: Dallas at New York, Washington at Philadelphia
  • Week 16: Washington at Dallas, New York at Philadelphia
  • Week 17: Philadelphia at Washington
  • Week 18: Dallas at Philadelphia, Washington at New York

It is fair to assume (generally, but especially right now with the Cowboys looking like a lite version of themselves) that Dallas will lose at least one of their upcoming divisional games (keep in mind their only non-divisional game is against the current top seed in the NFC in the Arizona Cardinals). While it would take a series of catastrophic events for them to lose out on the division, there is a world where these butterflies flap their wings in a specific way to set up someone else winning it.

There are 11 total composite games left across all four NFC East teams and an amazing eight of them will be divisional matchups. Starting at Week 14, the only three games where one of the four teams will not be playing another are Dallas at Arizona as noted and New York’s trips to take on the Los Angeles Chargers (Week 14) and Chicago Bears (Week 17).

If you love the NFC East you are in for quite the treat this month.

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