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The Dallas Cowboys should absolutely be interested in J.J. Watt

Get on the phone, Cowboys.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The NFL offseason isn’t even a full week old and already things are off to a hot start. Quarterbacks figure to be on the move like never before in the coming months (maybe even sooner than that), but many more players will need uniform edits done for them when they change teams as well.

While a parting of ways was expected to happen, Friday morning made it official that star pass rusher J.J. Watt is going to be elsewhere in 2021 as the Houston Texans released him. Watt is the greatest player in Texans history and has done an extraordinary amount of good will for the city of Houston throughout his decade with the club.

Getting to the football of it all, Watt is now a free agent. Yes, the Cowboys should be interested.

The Dallas Cowboys should absolutely be interested in J.J. Watt

While the current day version of J.J. Watt is not the peak version of the player that we have seen, he is undoubtedly someone who could significantly make a team better.

Watt is one of the most versatile defensive lineman of his generation and seemingly still has an option to play all over the defensive line. He would surely be a nice welcome gift for new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. What’s more is that Watt is a player with extreme pride and the will to win, putting it more matter-of-factly, he carries an infusion of the exact kind of juice that the Cowboys need at the moment.

The obvious destination for Watt seems to be the Pittsburgh Steelers as they would offer him the chance to play with both of his brothers in T.J. Watt (cry) and Derek Watt. If only the Cowboys had had an opportunity to draft T.J. themselves. Argh!

Anyway, Pittsburgh is (seemingly) a Super Bowl contender and it stands to reason that Watt would prioritize that above all else at this point in his career. He has every credential that a player can have, a Super Bowl win would be the cherry on top of his Hall of Fame career.

In his video announcement where he addressed Texans fans, Watt said that he could not imagine his life “without Texas in it” in acknowledging how his life has been impacted by the city of Houston. Hey J.J., Dallas is in Texas, too!

There will be a gigantic market for Watt. Theoretically every team in the NFL is going to be interested but, as mentioned, the Steelers have a unique factor that no other team can offer.

Chances are that the Cowboys knew this was going to happen and have made up their mind in terms of whether or not they are going to pursue Watt. While DeMarcus Lawrence seems to be interested, the report from NFL Network seems to suggest that the team is not. What else is new.

Death, taxes, and the Dallas Cowboys not being interested in big-name free agents during the early part of the calendar year. Again, what else is new?

In case you were wondering, the Cowboys reportedly haven’t reached out to Patrick Peterson’s representatives either. Some things never change.

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