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Dak Prescott provided some words of optimism on Instagram regarding his contract situation

Hopefully it all works out between the Cowboys and Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This week has featured a lot of Dak Prescott stories that originated on social media. Perhaps it is only fitting that the week comes to a close with one as well.

As you will recall on Sunday night in the immediate aftermath of Super Bowl LV, the mothership shared a 2021 season hype video from their official Twitter account. This is par for the course as far as offseason #content is concerned, but the thing about this particular video is that one Dakota Rayne Prescott was absent from it.

The Cowboys digital team explained this as an unfortunate oversight, but the takes were already well off the wheels. People were assuming that this was some sort of order given by Jerry Jones as a sign that Prescott will not be part of the team’s 2021 campaign. Obviously this idea is rather silly, but the conversation about Prescott being on the team this coming season is one of serious merit. He is technically set to become a free agent with a second franchise tag looming if no long-term deal is agreed to. Whether or not he returns will be something of serious interest, but it appears that he does want to be back.

Dak Prescott provided some words of optimism on Instagram regarding his contract situation

Social media bread crumbs are certainly an interesting thing in today’s day and age. This is why many people were particularly flummoxed when Dak Prescott followed the Washington Football Team on Instagram earlier in the week, there is still no logical explanation for that.

It was seemingly a bit of an active week for Dak on the ol’ IG, though. On Friday morning Cowboys tight end Blake Jarwin shared a photo of the two of them to his own account with a caption that asked Dak how he felt about “running it back” next year.

Prescott shared the post to his story (a different function of the platform) and said “that’s the only way I see it” which seems to mean he wants to stay in Dallas? Right?

It is hard to say that this is a crystal clear message, but it certainly seems to be rather optimistic in nature. At the very least, it is mildly encouraging.

Of course, it isn’t exactly breaking news that Prescott wants to stay with the Cowboys. His two goals seem to be that and netting the contract that his camp wants for him. The difficulty has been getting all parties involved to agree on that necessary middle ground.

Still, though, it is nice to see this end the week that Prescott was literally linked to a division rival’s social media account (Dak later unfollowed WFT on Instagram by the way). Do you buy it as a sign of encouragement? Even just a little bit?

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