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When it comes to QBs drafted in 2016, NFL fans think Dak Prescott is king

Going into 2021, Dak Prescott is leading the debate.

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The Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff debate has been a fun one for a few years. Which of the 2016 quarterbacks is ultimately the best has been a topic among NFL fans since that draft. The winner of that debate has fluctuated over time. Prescott and Wentz had strong early starts, with Wentz jumping ahead after a stellar 2017 season until he got hurt. Goff staked his claim when he got the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl after the 2018 season.

But now, the question seems to be settled. First, the Rams shipped Goff to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford, and then the Philadelphia Eagles dumped Wentz and his massive contract on the Indianapolis Colts. Only Dak Prescott remains with his original team, well, for now. Coming up, Prescott will be a free agent, or at least could be theoretically, but the Dallas Cowboys won’t let that happen and will either get a long-term deal done with him, or slap the franchise tag on him. So, for now, we’ll consider Prescott as still a Cowboys player.

It’s fun to look back now at some of the articles about the Prescott/Wentz/Goff debate. In this one from almost two years ago, Wentz was at the top with Goff second and Prescott third. This one from last year thought Wentz was the best right now but that Goff may have the better long-term outlook in the Rams high-powered offense.

Oh how things have changed.

SB Nation recently just ran a poll asking NFL fans about the performance of these three quarterbacks in the upcoming season, and Prescott comes out on top in all three categories.

First, fans were asked who will have more touchdowns in 2021. It’s not even close.

Next was passer rating, and once again Prescott clobbered the competition.

The last question was also won by Prescott, but not quite as convincingly as the other categories. It seems that NFL fans are a little sketchy on the prospects on the Cowboys and think Wetnz and the Colts might give them a run for the money in wins over the 2021 season. The Colts do have a solid defense, so that is probably working on their favor.

In the end, though, the Cowboys and Prescott come out on top.

It will be interesting to see in a few years from now how this debate has played out. There were times before when it seemed certain that people thought Wentz or Goff would end up being the better quarterback. Now the pendulum has swung toward Prescott. Will that still be the case in, say, 2023?

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