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In a hypothetical Dak Prescott vs. Russell Wilson debate for Cowboys QB, who ya got?

Only one man can lead Cowboys nation next season. Which would you prefer?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have certainly ingratiated themselves into a whirlwind of drama surrounding their primary signal-caller.

Or – perhaps they haven’t.

Perhaps the team has all of its figurative ducks in a row, and is just lying in wait for the right moment to pounce on their opportunity to ink pen to paper with Dak Prescott. Their current negation situation could be just that: Dallas – like a thief in the night, like a predator disguised in brush – may know all too well whom their destined target is going to be, and is eagerly anticipating the right moment to strike.

But for now, at least to the public, Dallas’ quarterback situation is about as certain as the weather forecast on an Oklahoman March afternoon.

The progress of contractual discussions between camp Dak, and camp Jerry, are not fully known by any of the league’s most well-informed insiders, and despite an assured certainty that #4 will return to his old digs as option numero uno for the ‘Boys, nothing is set in stone.

And now, Prescott’s is not the only name that‘s been linked to the Cowboys’ very near future. And no, I’m not talking about the impending NFL draft either. I’m talking about Russell Wilson, who, long linked to the circulative trade hot stove after months of combative relationships with Seattle management, has now fully turned on the afterburners in the “Let Russ Cook” campaign with a recent list of desired landing spots should the ‘Hawks trade him.

His preferred destinations: the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders and Bears.

Other squads that have been linked to him include the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

But let’s focus on the Russ-to-Dallas train for now. Which, quite frankly, is an interesting choice for a quarterback who’s blatantly revealed his intentions for ascendance into the league’s elite VIP club at the position. And at 32-years-old, father time certainly withholds favoritism towards Wilson’s win-now inclinations.

As of current standing though, he’s weathered the figurative storm that time has thrown at him. Wilson’s remained consistently healthy for the most part, and you’d have to go all the way back to 2016 to relive the last of his severe injuries – an MCL ailment.

Like Lebron James, he’s notorious for the financial amounts he shells out to keep his body intact on a yearly basis, and his diet, training regimen, and pocket awareness have kept him away from the injury shelf in recent years.

His statistics paint a consummate picture of a man who’s rightfully included in MVP talks on a regular basis, and fantasy owners rarely bet wrong when claiming his services for their beloved franchises. He’s doled out a surplus of 4,000 yards in four of his last six seasons, and been named to the Pro Bowl every year since 2020. And even at 32, his nimbleness and ability to escape the trenches for big-gain runs is still in the league’s top tier amongst his QB brethren.

Despite writing the handbook for winning decision-making during the 2010’s though, and being named the NFL’s latest Walter Payton Man of the Year, Wilson hasn’t always held the complete approval of his club. That sentiment indignantly boiled over in 2020 when he stormed out of a team meeting following a rough performance against the Cardinals.

But it doesn’t stop there. He’s publicly expressed concern with Pete Carroll and his preference for running, and just recently bashed his offensive line at the season’s close for their protection inadequacies – hence the increasingly churning trade rumor mill.

Dak Prescott, on the other hand, is a complete stranger to controversy. Like Wilson, Dak’s samaritan-esque deeds are widely documented, but there’s a major discrepancy that exists between teammate inklings towards each individual. They should receive their flowers for their off-field endeavors no doubt, but from a football standpoint, Prescott has a tremendous edge over Wilson as a morale enhancer and locker room leader as of recent.

Granted, Wilson is frustrated, and rightfully so. But winning’s never guaranteed in any sport – especially on the gridiron, and there’s no telling whether or not his resignations could seep into another team’s inner realms should losing befall them.

From a number’s standpoint, Prescott’s just as impressive as Wilson, and noticeably better in some key facets. He tossed for nearly 5,000 yards (4,902) in 2019, and was on pace to shatter the 6,000 mark in ‘20 through his four and a half outings. He’s never been known as a blazing speedster, but he’s capable as a scrambler, and has significantly improved his ability to fit the pigskin into tight spaces, as well as fire off a comely deep ball.

The age battle unquestionably favors Prescott. Both have made habits of posting gaudy production numbers, and you won't find two harder working players in the entire league.

So who’d be the better option for the silver and blue? Let us know your thoughts.

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