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Cowboys reportedly find a Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson trade scenario “laughable”

More cold water for this idea with Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Any thought of the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks pulling off a swap of their quarterbacks, Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson, has always seemed a bit farfetched. Many different things would have to fall into place, but the biggest of all would be the Cowboys actually getting Prescott to sign the franchise tag and agreeing to a trade.

Perhaps more than that, though, is that the Cowboys are committed to the younger Prescott and would like to just get a long-term deal done with him. There is plenty of debate around how much of an upgrade Wilson would be over Prescott, and how that would balance with Wilson’s age versus what Dallas may have to give up to facilitate a deal. It would certainly be a complicated process that wouldn't be so clean cut as a player-for-player swap.

The idea has grown because of Wilson’s agent’s declaration that the Cowboys are one of four teams that Wilson would consider for a trade. According to Jane Slater, a source has told her that the Cowboys find this idea “laughable.”

What is also interesting in Slater’s report is the hint that their might be some frayed relations between the Cowboys front office and the Seahawks front office. They have been linked multiple times recently with the same players, most notably the examples Slater gives of Earl Thomas, Jamal Adams and Aldon Smith.

With the Seahawks possibly asking three first-round picks to pry Wilson loose, you can see why the Cowboys front office wouldn’t want to approach this idea at all. Of course, throwing Prescott into the mix would change the dynamics of three first-round picks, but Seattle still might demand something extra, especially if they don’t think they would have a long-term deal with Prescott in the offing.

Even if Wilson is trying to generate some kind of trade to Dallas, like what Michael Irvin has hinted Wilson might be doing, the dynamics seem unworkable.

“Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team,’’ said Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Famer and NFL Network analyst. “But that also means they have the power to come to a team.’’

In other words, yeah, it’s too bad if a Deshaun Watson or a Russell Wilson wants out ... but one team’s “out’’ is another team’s “in.’’

So, added Irvin, speculatively (I think): ‘Russell Wilson wants Dak’s chair.’’.

It’s all speculation at this point since Wilson hasn’t actually demanded a trade like fellow quarterback Deshaun Watson. Even if he did, it sounds like the Cowboys want no part of it.

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