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Kyler Murray feels like he could have played even better than he did against the Dallas Cowboys

They beat Dallas bad enough as it was.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When looking back on the 2020 NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys, there was a lot of pain and heartache felt along the way. It was a rough year to say the least from a football standpoint.

Obviously things got more difficult for the Cowboys when Dak Prescott was lost for the season. At the time there was a minimal hope that Andy Dalton could steady the waters enough to guide the team to a playoff berth amid a crummy NFC East (he came relatively close, for what it’s worth). The first opportunity that we all got to see Dalton’s version of the Cowboys came during a Monday Night Football contest where America’s Team was blasted by the Arizona Cardinals in front of the entire world.

That game went by sort of like a blur, but it was a drubbing that left an imprint and likely will for a long time. It didn’t take much of an effort from Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray to beat his hometown team, so much so that he actually apparently left the building rather upset about how much he left out there.

Kyler Murray feels like he would have played even better than he did against the Dallas Cowboys

All week long The SB Nation NFL Show is bringing guests to the podcast feed as part of a digital version of what would normally be radio row. On Monday, I sat down with Kyler Murray to talk about a variety of things, one of them was his performance against the Cowboys on MNF.

“That was probably, I think that might have been like one of my worst games. Me personally. As a team we, yea, that was probably one of our best games. But I could have threw for like four or five touchdowns. Had 300 yards, something like that. I wasn’t very fond... like I left that building mad.”

Murray was 9 of 24 against the Cowboys and ultimately threw for “only” 188 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was rather successful on the ground though, as he normally is, as he ran for 74 yards and another touchdown on 10 carries. Once upon a time AT&T Stadium had a prolific rusher named Murray on the home team, by the way.

This is hardly the way to measure success in an NFL game, but in most conventional fantasy leagues Kyler Murray would have had approximately 28 points based on his performance against the Cowboys. There is holding yourself to a high standard, but the idea that he was “mad” about the performance seems like he’s being a bit harsh on himself.

Of course this was at a time when the Cowboys defense was among the absolute worst versions of themselves that we saw in 2020. Perhaps failing to hit ridiculous numbers against that group is indeed seen as some sort of failure.

For what it’s worth, Murray was very complimentary of CeeDee Lamb, one of the wide receivers he threw to at Oklahoma where he won the Heisman Trophy. He said a few times how he wanted CeeDee to be his teammate again in the NFL, but thankfully Lamb is on the Cowboys.


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