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CeeDee Lamb talks about Dak Prescott’s recovery from injury, and the need to sign him back in Dallas

The Cowboys rookie receiver wants his quarterback back.

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San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Cowboys struck gold when wide receiver CeeDee Lamb inexplicably fell to them at the 17th pick in last year’s draft. Even though Dallas had Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, passing up on a talent like Lamb was a mistake they were not going to make. After a standout rookie year in which Lamb almost eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving, they were proven correct.

What’s more is that when Lamb played with Dak Prescott, the numbers showed his true potential. Lamb had two 100-yard games in 2020, both were in games that Dak Prescott started. Three of his four highest yardage games in 2020 came in games that Prescott started.

Is it any wonder that Lamb is firmly in the re-sign Prescott camp?

“It’s no secret we want Dak back,” Lamb told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “I trust that the guys in the office are definitely going to make the right decision. They know how much Dak means to us and how much we lean on him.

“I cannot wait to have him back.”

Lamb goes on to talk about how much of a leader Prescott is and how much knowledge of the game he possesses. He calls him a winner and leaves no doubt about who the leader of the Cowboys team is, and it’s Prescott.

Lamb also talked a bit about Prescott’s recovery from his injury.

“He came back from his second surgery about two months ago so he’s walking around, rehabbing, doing everything right,” Lamb said Wednesday, while speaking in conjunction with Sleep Number. “It’s great to see, especially when you seen him go down. You saw the look in his eyes and you saw how sad he was and how much this game meant to him.

“Just to see him smiling again, happy again, being with his guys is a great deal.”

Lamb was definitely in contention for NFC Rookie of the Year in the early part of the season when Prescott was driving the train. His numbers see-sawed a bit after Prescott went down and the parade of backup QBs started. That’s a microcosm of the whole offense.

There was not a better, or worse, way to show how much Prescott means to this team than the numbers from last season when he played, and when he didn’t. Hopefully justice will be served and Prescott will get his deal; for his sake, four our sake, and for the sake of the offense and CeeDee Lamb.

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