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The 2020 Cowboys franchise came out on top in one category

There was one area of excellence for the Cowboys franchise in 2020.

COWBOYS CARDINALS Photo by Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The 2020 season for the Dallas Cowboys is one most fans would probably like to forget. The team entered with expectations of contending for the Super Bowl, they exited not even being able to win a horrible NFC East. Needless to say, the team was not impressive in almost all areas.

But there was one area were the organization excelled. The team’s training staff was named the Ed Block NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year signifying that they were the best in the league for the past season.

This past year was a year like no other as the training staff had to deal not only with the ever-present injuries in professional football, but also deal with all of the protocols that came with the COVID pandemic. The Cowboys suffered more injuries than usual in a season and put the training staff under an immense burden to keep players healthy, or to help them recover from injury when possible.

A quick history on the staff:

Head athletic trainer [Jim Maurer] has been with the Cowboys since 1988, and has overseen the department since 1997. His staff includes Britt Brown, the team’s director of rehabilitation, along with associate trainers Greg Gaither and Hanson Yang.

This staff has been together since 2012 and the Cowboys also won this same award in 2002.

Following the 2016 season, Maurer was named NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year by The NFL Physicians Society.

It may not quite be the same as winning the Super Bowl, but for the organization this is a nice piece of recognition. These staff members work hard behind the scenes and it’s great to see them get in the spotlight for something other than running onto the field when a player is injured.


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