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Five Dallas Cowboys players made the top 35 in NFL player sales for most of this past season

America’s Team!

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With this weekend marking Super Bowl LV the Dallas Cowboys have now, unfortunately, gone a quarter of a century without winning another world championship. It is to date the longest title drought that the team has endured in franchise history.

The last two and a half decades (it sounds much longer when you say it like that) have obviously been filled with some positive memories. We all would have liked for them to have been of the ultimately positive kind, but winning a Super Bowl is hard.

One of the criticisms of the Cowboys that has reached popularity in this entire time has been that the organization only cares about making money and all that jazz. While we can debate the merits of that idea until we are blue in the face, the reality is that the team, and specifically players on it, are objectively extremely popular.

Five Dallas Cowboys players made the top 35 in NFL player sales for most of this past season

On Friday, the NFLPA dropped the top NFL Player Sales List from March of 2020 through November. That includes much of the offseason last year and a majority of the season.

There were five Dallas Cowboys players who made the list and unsurprisingly CeeDee Lamb was among them. Generally notable rookies (so in this lists’ case - Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, etc.) make the list since it is the first time that NFL merchandise with their likeness is officially available.

Dallas Cowboys on the list:

  • Number 6: Ezekiel Elliott
  • Number 11: Dak Prescott
  • Number 17: CeeDee Lamb
  • Number 31: Leighton Vander Esch
  • Number 35: Amari Cooper

The list in its entirety is actually of the top 50 players, but every presence by a Cowboy was within the top 35. In the latest indication that Dallas is still healthily America’s Team, no other NFL unit had five players in the top 35. The New Orleans Saints had the second-most with three. A few teams had two.

Obviously this doesn’t do anything for the team’s success on the field. Any Cowboys fan would trade in “accolades” like this for wins and playoff appearances.

For now we will have to be patient. Unfortunately, we are getting very used to that.

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