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We do not have to read into every single tiny detail when it comes to Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

When it comes to the Dak Prescott contract situation, there may be too much analysis.

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Let me start off by saying that I love the day and age we are in with social media, and that I have a lot of fun looking for clues when it comes to our beloved Dallas Cowboys on it.

You will recall that three years ago I hypothesized that the Cowboys owed their signing of Allen Hurns to a snowstorm all thanks to clues compiled on social media. In fact one of the first things that I ever wrote at BTB was about Chaz Green (obligatory shout out) working at left guard... which I saw on Tyrone Crawford’s Snapchat.

Social media does provide us a look at a lot of things (which is fun to speculate about) and it is in so many ways how we communicate with one another now. We consume information on different platforms and then share our opinions regarding how we feel about them. It is a cycle that can be a lot of fun but can often take a few interesting turns.

There is a Cowboys hype video that people are reading way too much into

In case you didn’t know, Super Bowl LV was played on Sunday night. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won and now reside at the top of the NFL mountain. Every other NFL team - most notably the Kansas City Chiefs - will be looking to knock them off at their first opportunity. The Cowboys will visit both Tampa Bay and Kansas City in 2021, by the way.

As the offseason has now truly begun for the entire league a lot of teams have “officially” declared such to be the case, despite it starting for some like the Cowboys over a month ago.

Speaking of America’s Team, shortly following Sunday’s championship game the mothership’s social team released a video on Twitter that was meant to signal the 2021 chase officially starting. You can watch the video here.

Social media, in all its glory, was quick to point out that there is one notable absence from the video that is clearly complete gospel when it comes to how the team feels about is players at the moment - quarterback Dak Prescott.

The insinuation from some is that Dak’s absence from the video is an indication that the team has no intention of re-signing the set-to-be free agent. This idea, of course, is extremely silly.

There are a number of possible reasons as to why the video does not feature Prescott. Consider the fact that he didn’t even play five full games for the team this past season. The significant majority of “highlights” (using that term loosely here) for the team this past year do not include him. What’s more is that he was hurt back in October. Again this is unfortunate but nevertheless reality... Dak is not the first thing you think of when it comes to recent Cowboys moments of note.

Speaking for myself to highlight a different example... when picking a photo to appear on the cover of a post here at BTB the photos right off the top in the point of selection do not have Dak Prescott in them (for the reasons just outlined). There has to be a conscious decision made to go and find one with him which it seems was not the case in terms of the producer who made the video.

In discussing this “controversy” with people on Twitter I have found that the general response to lumping this up to a coincidence is “Dak should have been in the hype video!”. Of course he should have. He’s the quarterback of the team and one of their better players. It makes complete sense for him to have been in it, but his exclusion is not some sort of code red that the front office is executing by way of the team’s social channels.

The mothership’s Derek Eagleton addressed this issue and called it an oversight. All the respect in the world to him for doing so, but it seems silly that he had to. It isn’t a big deal.

We have all spent a great amount of time discussing Dak Prescott and providing our thoughts on whether or not the Cowboys should or shouldn’t retain him as their starting quarterback. Trying to make something out of this idea is going way beyond the levels of practicality, logic, and reason.

Welcome to the offseason.

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