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The Dallas Cowboys have joined up with other DFW teams to help legalize sports betting in Texas

Will sports betting be legal in Texas soon?

DirecTV Super Saturday Night Co-Hosted By Mark Cuban’s AXS TV - Party Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for DirecTV

The Super Bowl just ended and with it a number of bets and props that people had lined up. Whether you played squares or wagered on what color the Gatorade that the winning coach would take a bath in, odds are (no pun intended) you had some sort of cheese going on (hopefully on your food, too).

Gambling has become legal in various areas of the United States over the course of the last few years. As times goes on, more and more states are starting to legalize it as entities realize the financial pot of gold that it represents.

Of course there is nobody more capable of identifying an opportunity to make money than the Dallas Cowboys, and while Texas is currently not among the states where gambling is legal, it appears that an effort is being made for that to change.

On Monday The Dallas Morning News reported that several pro teams were launching a coalition to legalize sports gambling in the state of Texas. The DMN noted that the Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavericks have all put their weight behind it. As reported by The Hill:

The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks are all reportedly backing legislation that will allow Texans to vote to lift their state’s ban on gambling. The Sports Betting Alliance, a coalition of franchises and betting platforms, is behind the push for legalization.

“Unregulated and illegal sports gambling is already taking place in the State of Texas,” the Dallas Cowboys’ Executive Vice President, Charlotte Jones, told the Morning News.

Twenty-five states have legalized sports betting since 2018 but the Morning News notes that some large states such as California, Florida and Texas have so far resisted doing the same.

Citing market analysis from the New York Times, the Morning News notes that the revenue generated from sports betting could be worth billions nationally.

The outlet notes that since gambling is banned in Texas, sports betting would require two legislative moves: One to amend the state constitution and another that would detail the licensing and regulation of in-state gambling.

There is obviously a lot that has to happen between this move and gambling actually being legalized in Texas, but it does appear that the DFW sports teams want it to become a reality.

Many have envisioned a future where professional stadiums will have kiosks where you can go and place wagers on different events much like at places in Las Vegas. In fact, the fact that an NFL team now exists in Sin City made it seem like this was an inevitability for the NFL and sports teams as a whole in the country.

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