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Next up for the Hall of Fame among eligible Cowboys players? One name tops the list.

The call from the Hall.

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This past Saturday the NFL Hall of Fame finally did the right thing and put Drew Pearson into the Hall of Fame. Moving past that, who is next from Cowboys history?

Todd Archer laid out the most likely names in a recent article.

Former linebacker DeMarcus Ware and safety Darren Woodson have the best chances, and tight end Jason Witten isn’t eligible for the Hall of Fame until 2026. Former defensive ends Harvey Martin and Ed “Too Tall,” Jones and defensive back Everson Walls could be in the mix to make it in under the Seniors Committee.

It seems like a lock that DeMarcus Ware will be going in on the first ballot. His 138.5 sacks is ninth on the all time list. The six players ahead of him on that list that have been eligible for the Hall are already in. Just take a look at those names. Bruce Smith, Reggie White, Kevin Greene, Chris Doleman, Michael Strahan and Jason Taylor.

It’s hard to concoct a scenario where Ware isn’t going into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, but crazier things have happened. The only sad note about Ware’s candidacy is that his Super Bowl win came in a Denver Broncos uniform instead of a Dallas Cowboys one.

Darren Woodson has been eligible for a while now and still has not gotten in. As Archer notes, he’s been a semi-finalist five times and his contemporaries like Steve Atwater and John Lynch have both gotten the call.

How he keeps getting overlooked is baffling. He did everything as a safety, including covering slot receivers and playing special teams. Surely his time is coming.

After that, the Cowboys have to rely on the Senior’s committee. Harvey Martin, Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Everson Walls are the names put forth by Archer. Each of those players can stake a claim and Archer does a good job of laying out their cases.

So out of this bunch, besides Ware, who do you think will make it next year, and who do you think will eventually make it? Do you have a name that you think should be considered that isn’t here?

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