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One former NFL general manager thinks that the Dak Prescott deal was a great one

Mike Tannenbaum took some time to talk Dak Prescott with BTB.

Mike Tannenbaum Photo By: Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News via Getty Images

This has been one of the more notable weeks for the Dallas Cowboys in some time as they finally agreed to terms on a brand new contract for quarterback Dak Prescott. All eyes shift to the future now, but obviously that includes bringing in more talent to help Prescott compete, something that many thought would be hard if the quarterback got a sizable deal.

That is one of the more common misconceptions about quarterback contracts in the NFL, but don’t take our word for it. Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum took some time to talk about Dak Prescott’s deal with us, plus the work that he is doing with The 33rd Team, and he is a fan of the new $40M man.

Mike Tannenbaum said that he finds the Dak Prescott deal to be a very impressive one for the player and noted that while it is certainly more difficult to build a team with that variable in place, it is far from impossible.

We did it. We made it through the Dak Prescott negotiation. Cheers.

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