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Report: Dallas Cowboys interested in Andy Dalton returning ‘if it works out’

Should the Cowboys bring back Andy Dalton?

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last week the Dallas Cowboys signed Dak Prescott to a four-year contract and the hope is that he plays at a high level for them for each and every game. This is the NFL though, where unpredictable things happen. At this time a year ago we were all debating the merits of a Dak Prescott that had never missed a game due to injury. Unfortunately, Prescott was lost for the season in the team’s Week 5 win over the New York Giants.

Unlike the coach that preceded him, Mike McCarthy took the backup quarterback position a bit seriously. In a move that added fuel to the Dak Prescott debate fires, the Cowboys signed veteran Andy Dalton last year and had to lean on him quite a bit.

Dalton is a free agent this offseason and many have wondered whether or not he will return to Dallas. It appears that it is at least possible.

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly interested in bringing Andy Dalton back “if it works out”

Andy Dalton started nine games for the Cowboys in the aftermath of Prescott’s injury and won four of them, and was also injured and was placed on the COVID-19 list as well. There is no question that Dalton was the best backup that the Cowboys have ever had behind Dak Prescott, and arguably even for years before that, but the bar is not too high to clear there.

Dalton threw for for 14 touchdowns and over 2,000 yards this past season (he also had eight interceptions). Prescott is clearly the team’s starting quarterback, but veteran depth is never a bad thing. According to ESPN, it appears that the Cowboys are interested in bringing Dalton back “if it works out.”

For what it’s worth according to NFL Network the Chicago Bears are also reportedly interested in Dalton.

This feels like stating the obvious as “if it works out” in the money department is the Dallas Cowboys way when it comes to free agency. At the time of his signing with the team last year many thought that Dalton could potentially play his way into a starting job elsewhere in 2021.

Do you think the money will be right for Dalton to stay in Dallas? Or do you think he’ll be elsewhere this season?

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