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Report: Stephen Jones and Todd France have had “good talks” about Dak Prescott contract negotiations

The latest updates in the negotiations between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The countdown is on until March 9th. The Dallas Cowboys have until then to decide whether or not they are going to place the franchise tag on quarterback Dak Prescott for the second year in a row. With less than a week left, things aren’t getting any easier.

While this would only be the second tag in a row for Prescott this year marks the third offseason in which the Cowboys have been able to negotiate a long-term deal with their franchise quarterback. At this point what each side wants is well-known by the other, this is all a matter of getting as close to the middle as possible.

It seems like Prescott still wants to be paid the market rate for his position (which is a lot of money). The Cowboys have seemingly been about a year behind in their offers to him in each of the past two offseasons, but with the eleventh hour shrinking by the minute, it appears that conversations are at least in a good place.

Stephen Jones and Todd France have reportedly had “good talks” about Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations

While Dak Prescott is obviously the most important person when it comes to these negotiations, the two most important opinions as far as getting something done are two different people entirely. Stephen Jones is entering this ring from the Cowboys corner while Todd France is entering it from Dak Prescott’s. Their opinions are arguably the most important in that they have to be lined up and in agreement.

We have heard lately that Jones and France are negotiating when it comes to Dak Prescott, but on Tuesday we got wind of a teeny bit more detail there. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that the two have had “good talks” which is definitely nice to see.

None of this is cause for celebration as pen has yet to meet paper. Still, though, the idea that Jones and France are having “good talks” is definitely wind in the sails of securing Prescott’s services for the foreseeable future, but time is of the essence.

As noted we are now inside of a week to the franchise tag deadline. Should the Cowboys be unable to come to terms with Prescott’s representation by then they will have no choice but to place the franchise tag on him in order to buy more time. For what it’s worth, in a follow-up tweet Slater noted that she believes this is what will ultimately happen.

Are you at all encouraged by this? It can’t be bad, right?

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