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Report: Dallas Cowboys trying to figure out if they want to bring back Aldon Smith

There is a decision to be made by the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a stout edge rusher in DeMarcus Lawrence, but finding him a wingman has never been an easy proposition. There was of course the Robert Quinn season of 2019, but outside of that Dallas has struggled to find someone on the other side. Randy Gregory presents hope for the future, and the Cowboys also signed Tarell Basham so far in free agency, and at times last year it looked like they may have actually found something in Aldon Smith.

It was quite the shock when the Cowboys signed Smith back on April 1st of last year, but they were proven to be right in having confidence in him as a football player. He signed only a one-year deal with them which means he can choose where he wants to be in the future.

Should the Cowboys make him an offer he can’t refuse?

The Cowboys are reportedly trying to figure out if they want to bring back Aldon Smith

So far the Cowboys have brought back a number of players on the defensive side of the ball, and one of them was even on the defensive line in Antwaun Woods (who was tendered, technically).

We are now in the second week of free agency and the team still hasn’t brought Aldon Smith back, but of course that street goes two ways. According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, the team is trying to figure out whether or not they want him to return.

The Cowboys made a big change towards their defense when they fired Mike Nolan and hired Dan Quinn to be its new coordinator. Nolan wasn’t the only departure as the Cowboys also said goodbye to defensive line coach Jim Tomsula, someone whom Aldon Smith knows well from their time together with the San Francisco 49ers.

We all know that frugality is the way that the Cowboys like to operate in free agency so perhaps they are waiting this thing out. Maybe they have a number in mind that they would like Smith at and are letting him test the market.

Should they be being this patient?

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