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Report: 2021 NFL Draft prospect Caleb Farley to have surgery, expected back by training camp

The Cowboys will obviously have to consider this.

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We are just about a month away from the 2021 NFL Draft and for the most part the general consensus among Dallas Cowboys fans is that the team should address the defensive side of the ball. It is an interesting conversation to consider the hypothetical of Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, but again defense is the likely spot to which the Cowboys will place their number 10 overall chip.

As far as defensive options at number 10 it has long seemed like one of two players will be the most logical for the Cowboys, Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II or Viginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley.

Most people favor Surtain straight up, but the idea overall took a turn on Monday when some important news was revealed regarding Farley.

Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley is set to have a microdisectomy and is expected to be ready before training camp

When it comes to the NFL Draft people want to pick the player that they feel best about. This philosophy can be defined in a number of different ways, generally you want to minimize risk as much as possible while adding premium talent. It is obviously easier said than done.

Say the Cowboys are debating between Surtain and Farley. It is possible then that what was revealed on Monday could sway them in one direction over the other. ESPN reported that Farley is set to have a microdisectomy on Tuesday and that he should be cleared for full activities before the start of training camp.

National mock drafts had seen Farley’s stock dip a little bit recently and it is clear that this likely had something to do with it. With no NFL Combine this year, medical information hasn’t been as widely available on prospects as it usually is so it makes sense that some would be quicker to the knowledge than the public masses. Obviously we hope that Farley’s surgery goes well and that he has a long and successful NFL career.

It has made sense for a while now that Dallas could be the first place where a cornerback is drafted, especially after Kyle Fuller wound up with the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys could have their pick between Surtain and Farley and if they want to eliminate any sort of reservations they would likely target the former.

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