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Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb is staying ready this offseason

Good to see.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

From the moment that the Dallas Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb last year the expectations were insanely high.

It is certainly unfortunate that we didn’t get an opportunity to see him flex all of his powers as he operated for most of his rookie season without Dak Prescott throwing him the ball. Many Cowboys fans believe that had CeeDee had that opportunity that some rookie records could have been in jeopardy of falling.

Ultimately we will have to wait to see for Lamb to properly put together what is hopefully a career that one day finds him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In the meantime we can let our imaginations run wild, something that CeeDee is not exactly doing himself. It seems that CeeDee is already at work during his first NFL offseason, trying to stay on top of his game.

There were plenty of highlights of him working on his game that hit the internet during CeeDee’s run up through the NFL Draft last year. While there are no trophies handed out for staying in shape it is certainly nice to see him not taking any days off, so to speak.

Assuming things don’t completely implode with Dak Prescott we are going to get to see CeeDee in his optimum environment this coming season. It will be very exciting to say the least. Hurry up, offseason.

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