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Gerald McCoy hints he might like to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent

There was a thought that he might want to come back to Dallas.

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One of the biggest free agent signings for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 offseason was Gerald McCoy at defensive tackle. McCoy was supposed to be the veteran presence that was still an effective backfield disruptor. He never even got past the start of training camp before he tore a quad muscle that ended his season.

McCoy was not able to be at the Cowboys facility, but he still remained in touch with the Cowboys and helped mentor one of their defensive tackles. There was also a statement from Stephen Jones earlier in the offseason that hinted the Cowboys were interested in brining McCoy back if healthy.

It does appear that McCoy is getting healthy and will be ready to play. But he might have his eye back on his old team where he spent most of his career.

McCoy said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’s “working on running and getting strength back” and that he’s seeing a doctor this week for a check to make sure he’s well enough to pass physicals with teams interested in signing him as a free agent. Assuming that’s the case, McCoy thinks it “would be great” to return to his first NFL team.

McCoy spent nine seasons with the Buccaneers and said that a second stint with the team would suit him just fine.

“I would love to come back to Tampa,” McCoy said. “A lot of people kinda misunderstood what took place between me and Tampa. They think it was he left or Tampa released him. Nah, there was more to it to that. All the issues I had with Tampa, we worked out last season when I was with Carolina. . . . There’s no bad blood. I talk to Jason Licht, I talk to the Glazers.”

The Cowboys certainly need help at defensive tackle, and McCoy should be able to help them. The deal he signed last year wasn’t outrageous money, and with his injury and the COVID situation, he certainly won’t draw a big contract this offseason.

Free agency is soon, so we’ll find out what direction this will go.

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