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How many NFC quarterbacks would you take over Dak Prescott over the life of his new four-year deal?

Examining where Dak Prescott ranks among NFC quarterbacks.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

At long last we finally live in a reality where the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have a long-term deal in place. $160M over four years, $126M guaranteed, is all it took. No big deal.

Now that things have been finalized and the elephant in the room has been whisked away, the focus will shift towards something that has evaded America’s Team for far too long - winning a sixth Lombardi Trophy.

Winning a Super Bowl is a difficult thing, just look at the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs were the heavy favorites to do it again this past season and ultimately fell short. Football is a weird sport that involves a level of luck on top of an enormous amount of skill. You can prepare all you want and have everything ready to go, but it is a game played with an oblong-shaped ball made of leather.

All of that being said, the Cowboys are now in a better position to win a championship over the course of the next four years (the life of Dak Prescott’s new deal). If the goal was to win a Super Bowl between 2021 and 2024, this was unquestionably the best way to go about that.

How many NFC quarterbacks would you take over Dak Prescott over the life of his new four-year deal?

We all agree that winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, right? Well, to get there we know that you (generally) have to win your division first and then win your conference.

There is zero doubt that Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in the NFC East. What’s more is that he figures to be for some time as he is both among the league’s better signal-callers and the division is floundering at the most important position in the game.

Looking beyond that though, where does Dak stack up within the NFC? Getting specific, where does he rank within the conference and the projected future of it?

On the latest episode of The 75O here at Blogging The Boys, Tony Casillas and I discussed this idea: How many NFC quarterbacks would you take over Dak Prescott over the life of his new four-year deal?

To be clear here we are talking about the life of Dak’s new deal which is the 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 season (for the purposes of this discussion we’ll avoid the extra two years that are an option for the team). It is a difficult exercise to come up with a great number that you would rather gamble on than Rayne Dakota.

We agreed that Aaron Rodgers is an easy one to prioritize here. Obviously Rodgers is older than Dak, but he is coming off of his latest MVP season and we live in a day and age where quarterbacks are playing into their 40s. Forgive us for not wanting to bet against Aaron Rodgers as we all know that this is generally a losing proposition.

When the talks about Russell Wilson being into the Cowboys surfaced I said Wilson is a superior quarterback to Dak today. I don’t think Wilson will be better than Dak over the life of this new deal.

Wilson is really the only other legitimate contender we came up with. Sure Tom Brady is great and not someone that you want to bet against either, but in terms of the length of four years, the odds favor Dak.

Who else is left? Maybe a case to be made that Matthew Stafford is going to amount to something special with the Los Angeles Rams, or perhaps a belief that Kyler Murray will continue to elevate his game with the Arizona Cardinals. But those odds are longer than Dak Prescott’s with the Cowboys.

This entire conversation will likely continue to change as well given that there have been rumblings over the past year about the state of Rodgers and Wilson and potential discontent with their teams. They could be traded within the conference of course, but if they were moved to the AFC then debate against them is moot entirely. Deshaun Watson could also enter the NFC for what it’s worth.

All of that being said, how many NFC quarterbacks would you take over Dak for the next four years?

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