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Demarcus Lawrence will make an extra $1 million with added game in 17-game schedule

One game will net D-Law more than some players make in a year.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Somebody call a Brinks truck?

The decision made on Tuesday by the owners to expand the NFL’s regular 16-game schedule to 17 contests caused tremendous arousal from all 32 teams league-wide – and their respective fanbases.

Never before has American professional football seen its regular season template surpass 16 outings, so the resolution marks an unprecedented turning point in the league’s extensive history. Squads are expected to rotate between nine home and eight visitor games, and reverse that action each year with the opposite number split between home and away. Records will likely fall by the dozens, revenues will skyrocket, and fans will get to relish in a week-long addendum to a time period they've long wished could be prolonged.

Did I mention that money would increase?

This is likely the greatest acting factor in the owners opting for more contests, and each is sure to see their profits expand with the added tenure. They aren't the only ones who will be raking in the dough, though. Certain players, despite additional risk for wear and tear, will also benefit greatly from the increase.

The Cowboys are set to face off against the New England Patriots as the additional game in their first ever 17-game schedule. Whatever game ends up being schedule in Week 17, it will be a money-maker for one Cowboys player. Demarcus Lawrence is set to collect a surplus of at least $1 million for the extra game.

Lawrence inked his current contract prior to Feb. 26, 2020 – ahead of the league’s newest CBA deal – so he retains a few stipulations affecting expenditures that others who signed contracts after the agreement won't receive. Those include the follwoing stipend, which will be 1/17 of the original number.

Because of his mondo $17 million salary total, he’ll be part of an elite company of just 10 of players who will profit seven figures from the extra game.

The check will fall under a “performance cap bonus” label so it doesn’t carve into the team’s cap space.

Now, not much has been divulged in terms of player temperament towards the new compromise, and it’s likely that some have direct resignations, especially given the trials of a COVID-riddled 2020.

But if Lawrence has any problems with strapping up his shoulder pads more than he’s used to, a few green-colored patches may be just the healing supplements he needs to soothe his sorrow.

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