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Former Cowboy Marcus Spears hopes Kyle Pitts isn't available when Dallas selects in the draft

For a guy who likely won’t be available in the draft, Kyle Pitts has Cowboys Nation talking.

Kentucky vs Florida Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Kyle Pitts is absolutely dominating Cowboys draft talk as of late. And for good reason, the 6’6, 240-lb 20-year-old completely dominated, torched and ran amok through opposing SEC defenses on his way to a unanimous All-American selection and the John Mackey award for the NCAA’s best tight end in 2020.

The scout projections of the man are incredible. He’s drawn comparisons to some of the game’s greatest catching threats, including Megatron (Calvin Johnson) after the carnage he left in his wake during his junior season. He posted 43 receptions for 770 yards and a whopping 12 touchdowns.

But those numbers probably don’t even do him justice. Pitts was designed for the football field, and has a rare mixture of size, agility, and hand-eye coordination (I’m talking like – footballs stick to his mitts like glue) that can pit him as an unstoppable force going forward.

And a group of Dallas fans are avidly dreaming about the idea of a potential tandem that matches him up with Dak Prescott and his slew of already-potent receiving targets. The opposition to the idea find it to be a wretched proposition that would pose Pitts as an unnecessary anomaly in an already crowded offensive regime. That, plus the fact that the team’s defensive woes are so treacherous, has Pitts-contrarians in a fuss as they argue against his selection.

One such proponent of steering away from the Floridian is former ‘Boys defensive tackle Marcus Spears. On a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, Spears had this to say in regards to the dialogue:

“I hope to God Kyle Pitts isn’t there at 10. Cause Dallas don’t need him. I understand the level of talent, and if he is there, it’s too enticing to not take that level of talent, but trying to solidify the defense with a corner, defensive lineman is needed.”

If he’s sitting there at 10, it’s going to be hard as hell for the Dallas Cowboys or any team that already had a tight end to pass up that level of talent, I just pray he ain’t there. There has to be an emphasis more on need than talent.”

Spears, like the rest of the NFL landscape is fully aware of the type of damage he can to do a secondary. But for Dallas, Spears believes even a skillset as rare as his is less paramount than bolstering up the team’s defensive unit.

Jerry Jones may not agree, and countless reports have highlighted his intense infatuation towards the young prospect.

But what do you think? Put on your GM’s hat. If Pitts’ name has not yet been called at #10, are you taking him?

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