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With 10 picks in 2021 NFL draft, the Cowboys could easily jump back into the first or second round

The Cowboys have the fire power to move around in the draft.

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Will Trader Jerry return in 2021? It’s a valid question as the Dallas Cowboys have 10 picks in the upcoming 2021 draft, that’s the second most picks in the draft (Philadelphia has 11). No matter what state your roster is in, it’s unlikely that that many draft picks will make the final cut. Of course, using all 10 gives you a better chance of hitting on some steals, especially in the latter rounds, but is that the best use of those picks? Or would trading up be the ticket to more “sure-things” in the earlier rounds?

Those are questions teams face every year, and with such a high number of picks this year for the Cowboys, Trader Jerry may come roaring back. The esteemed Todd Archer delves into this issue in his latest article, and comes up with a trade scenario that might tickle our fancy.

The Cowboys’ second-round pick is at No. 44. What if they gave up No. 44 and their pick at No. 75 or No. 99 to move up earlier in the second round, or even to the tail end of the first round, to draft, say, Alabama defensive tackle Christian Barmore? No team wants to be as thin at defensive tackle as it appears the Cowboys are, and Barmore could fix that issue.

The Cowboys have two picks apiece in the third, fourth and sixth rounds because of trades or compensatory selections. They can also deal 2022 picks if necessary to get trades done.

If the Cowboys could get their cornerback with pick number 10, and the were able to finagle themselves back into a position to draft someone like Christian Barmore, that would go a long way toward improving their struggling defense. While no scenario would please all fans, it’s likely that something like what is described above would be considered a success for a majority of Cowboys fans.

So just what can the Cowboys accomplish by trading some of their picks? The new draft trade chart by Rich Hill that seems to have supplanted the original Jimmy Johnson one is a good place to start. You can find it here with the Cowboys picks highlighted.

Here are the Cowboys overall picks in the draft (with round number) and the corresponding value on the new trade chart.

Round Overall pick Value
1 10 369
2 44 135
3 75 63
3 99 37
4 115 28
4 138 17
5 179 7
6 192 5
6 227 2
7 238 2

Based on that, we can make some projections for what the Cowboys could do in terms of trades in the draft. We aren’t dealing with trading the first pick at 10, we’ll just assume they use that. We also aren’t dealing with the lower picks past the first one in round four. There are just too many options at that point.

With those parameters in place, here are some possible moves the Cowboys could make.

Picks 44, 75 and 99 = 235 (pick 25 in first round)

If the Cowboys really wanted to make a splash, they could pick at 10, then jump back into the end of the first round. In this scenario, the could get to roughly the 25th overall pick (belongs to Jacksonville at 230 points).

Picks 44 and 75 = 198 (pick 30 in first round)

This is a similar situation as above but without giving up one of their third-round picks. This gives them 198 points with is roughly the 30th pick in round one (belongs to Buffalo at 196 points).

Picks 75, 99 and 115 = 128 (pick 46 in second round)

If the Cowboys want to keep their second-round pick at 44 overall, but would like to get another second-round pick, they could package up picks 75, 99 and 115 to jump back into the second round at roughly pick 46 overall (belongs to New England at 128 points).

Picks 75 and 99 = 100 (pick 55 in second round)

In a more conservative move, they could package up just two picks and get back into the second round at pick 55 overall (belongs to Pittsburgh at 101 points).

If you’re the GM, which of these options would interest you?

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