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2021 Cowboys Draft: Florida TE Kyle Pitts has spoken with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

It probably will never happen, but the Kyle Pitts to the Cowboys draft story certainly lives on.

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There are just over two weeks left until the 2021 NFL Draft and things are starting to feel just a teeny bit predictable for the Dallas Cowboys. It is widely believed by most Cowboys fans that when the team is on the clock at number 10 overall, they will select Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II. That would certainly be a fine choice.

One hypothetical does linger in the air though, and it is certainly a fun one to consider. The Dallas Cowboys could see a world where Florida tight end Kyle Pitts falls past the top nine picks all the way to them, and if he does, then the organization would be faced with quite the decision.

Taking Pitts would truly be abiding by a “best player available” strategy, but there is an essence of need that always has to be factored in. Whatever the case, we know that it is at the very least a possibility, right?

Kyle Pitts has spoken with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys

It has now been two years since the last time that the run-up to the NFL Draft was what we have known it to be for most of our lives. In both 2021 and 2020, things have operated mostly in a virtual sense, and as a result tracking the visits that each team has is hardly as easy as it used to be.

Florida tight end Kyle Pitts is a top player in the class and therefore it makes sense for each team to do their due diligence on him. Obviously the Cowboys are picking near the top and so it also makes sense for them to do their proper homework.

In an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday, Pitts noted that he has spoken to the Dallas Cowboys and specifically to Jerry Jones himself.

Rich: Has one team that’s spoken to you have a star on the side of their helmet, Kyle Pitts?

Kyle: Yes I have spoken to the Cowboys.

Rich: Okay you have. Have you spoken to Jerry Jones himself?

Kyle: Yes sir.

Rich: Okay. What can you share about that conversation? Because apparently he was, quote unquote, I don’t know if you heard the report, infatuated with and by you, Kyle. Have you heard that report?

Kyle: I actually, I’d rather not read the press clippings… until the day comes I won’t worry about that. Someone did call me and tell me about that. It’s kind of, it’s an honor for him to say that. Dallas is a great team… if I could have the opportunity to play for it would be a great thing.

Rich: You grew up in Philadelphia, right Kyle?

Kyle: That’s kind of, I would say, the oxymoron, me growing up an Eagles fan and then having the opportunity to play for the Cowboys. So that would be a hard time getting some of my family jerseys because they’re die-hard Eagles fans. That would be something funny.

Eisen also asked Pitts about his family given that he is from Philadelphia. Obviously this means that Pitts’ family is full of Philadelphia Eagles fans and the tight end did joke about how it would be funny if he wound up playing for Philly’s biggest rival in the Dallas Cowboys.

It truly would be a coming of full circle if the Cowboys took a star tight end that was a son of Philadelphia. You will recall that three years ago, during the 2018 NFL Draft that was held at AT&T Stadium of all places, that the Philadelphia Eagles traded up to jump the Cowboys and draft South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert. Dallas’ name made for a lot of jokes and even though the Cowboys weren’t going to draft Goedert, the fact that this happened just days after Jason Witten retired (for the first time) added to the hysteria.

Again, it isn’t shocking that the Cowboys are having conversations with top draft prospects. It is literally their job to do this. ESPN reported recently that Jerry Jones was “infatuated” with Kyle Pitts though so allow your mind to run as far away as you want it to.

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