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PFF’s latest mock draft has flurry of activity before the Dallas Cowboys take a very popular name

It is all Surtain, all the time for the Cowboys.

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CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

If you put every mock draft in the universe into a bag, closed your eyes, stuck your hand in said bag, and pulled one out at random, odds are high that the Dallas Cowboys pick in the first round would be Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II.

Surtain is indeed the consensus when it comes to the Cowboys, but the number of things happening in the draft’s first nine picks is all over the place. What is particularly fascinating about this is that the first third of that group is predictably going to be quarterbacks and another signal-caller could even go number four overall whether to the Atlanta Falcons or someone else.

It seems like any number of teams could trade up for that fourth quarterback and maybe even a fifth. PFF put together a mock draft on Monday and in it there is a flurry of activity before Dallas is on the clock.

PFF has a lot of action going on before the Cowboys pick at number 10

As noted it is obvious that the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers are going to be taking quarterbacks. We largely expect those to be Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and then honestly the questions begin.

In PFF’s mock draft the San Francisco 49ers take Justin Fields before the Atlanta Falcons take tight end Kyle Pitts and with him the dreams of some Dallas Cowboys fans.

PFF’s mock draft top 10

  1. JAX: Trevor Lawrence
  2. NYJ: Zach Wilson
  3. SF: Justin Fields
  4. ATL: Kyle Pitts
  5. CIN: Ja’Marr Chase
  6. DEN (trade): Trey Lance
  7. DET: Penei Sewell
  8. CAR: Rashawn Slater
  9. MIA (via trade): DeVonta Smith
  10. DAL: Patrick Surtain II

In this particular exercise, the Denver Broncos jump up three spots to get their quarterback of the future and execute their trade with the Miami Dolphins. Miami already moved back in this draft from number three to number 12 originally and then jumped back up to where they currently sit at number six. It would be an amazing move to trade down again.

It is highly probable that the Cowboys will take the draft’s first defensive players and the more quarterbacks that go before they pick, the better. In this mock, Alabama’s Mac Jones is still on the board which could entice someone to trade up with the Cowboys, that wouldn’t be too bad of an option although the players whom many Cowboys fans like would be starting to dwindle.

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