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Cowboys 2021 free agents: Pass rusher Aldon Smith set to visit the Seattle Seahawks

The first we’ve heard of interest in former Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It was about 54 weeks ago when the Dallas Cowboys shocked the entire NFL world by adding Aldon Smith to their 2020 free agency haul. Obviously it was an interesting signing given that Smith hadn’t played professional football since 2015.

The move ultimately proved to be one worthy of interest for the Cowboys as Smith had some good moments in his first season back in the league (five sacks and a fumble returned for touchdown). Ultimately, though, as we are now at the point where free agency action has slowed to just about a halt, it seems like the Cowboys are going to move on without Smith.

There was actually even a report earlier that Dallas was going to move. Head coach Mike McCarthy pulled an about-face on that idea just one day later so it really has been difficult to figure out what the organization is thinking regarding the defensive end.

Aldon Smith is set to visit the Seattle Seahawks

Early during last season it was reported that the Seattle Seahawks had interest in trading for Smith. We discussed how in hindsight how the Cowboys handled that idea may have been shortsighted, but hindsight is hindsight.

With Smith now available to be had without any trade it makes sense for Seattle to kick those tires again. According to NFL Network that is happening as Smith is set to visit the Seahawks.

Bringing in Smith would certainly be low-risk for Seattle, but the reward was never supremely high for the Cowboys with him. Yes, he did have a great individual game against the Seahawks in a twist of coincidence, but he faded down the stretch which was understandable given that he was playing an NFL season for the first time in forever.

Time will tell if Smith joins the Seahawks or someone else, but despite what Mike McCarthy said during his last press conference, it does feel like things are over between him and the Cowboys.

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