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Betting sportsbook sets the Cowboys 2021 win total at 9.5, tops in the NFC East

The Cowboys are the betting favorites to win the NFC East.

Nevada Casinos Reopen For Business After Closure For Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you have faith in the ability of Las Vegas sportsbooks to predict the future, then the Cowboys will be making the NFL playoffs in 2021. Of course, spots lines for gambling aren’t exactly crafted to reflect reality, but to make the amount of money bet even on either side of the line. Still, it is a gauge of what some of the most in-depth analysis around believes will happen.

Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill has set win totals for all NFL teams for the 2021 season, and the Cowboys have a line of 9.5 wins. That total is tops in the NFC East.

NFC EAST: Cowboys (9.5), Washington (8), Giants (7), Eagles (7)

After such a dismal 2020 season, that number may seem high for the Cowboys, but they are the only predicted division champ who won’t reach double-digit wins. And that is in a season that has 17 games instead of the normal 16 we have become accustomed to. In contrast, the NFC West has three teams that have win totals set in double-digits - Rams (10.5), 49ers (10), and Seahawks (10).

The top teams are the Chiefs at 12 wins and the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers at 11.5. The Texans and the Lions are the bottom teams with five wins each.

So what say you BTB? While the Cowboys obviously can’t get exactly 9.5 wins, is that range of nine or ten a reasonable guess for Dallas?

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