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Join Blogging The Boys for a full, first-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Join us as we continue to mock it up.

The days between us and the 2021 NFL Draft have reached the single digits which is exciting to say the least.

Soon enough we will know who the Dallas Cowboys are taking with the 10th overall pick (or if they have decided to trade it away to someone else). The heavy favorite right now for the team’s first pick is Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II, but it is the NFL where anything is possible.

Unlike the European Super League, we are marching forward with our football plans here at Blogging The Boys which means it is time for another livestream episode of Talkin’ The Draft. The guys are going live on Tuesday night at 7:00pm ET for another full, first-round mock draft. You can join in right here.

Last time we did this exercise (two weeks ago) the Cowboys added an Alabama cornerback for the second year in a row in Surtain. We are rolling through the full first round though, and considering that the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles pick right after Dallas does, it is going to be important to see who they walk away with.

In case you are busy during the livestream you can always watch it on replay, plus we will be streaming it on the Blogging The Boys Facebook page at the same time as well. If you would rather listen to the conversation as a podcast it will be posted on Wednesday as Talkin’ The Draft always is.

Subscribe to the Blogging The Boys podcast feed on Apple devices here or Spotify right here. Also make sure to subscribe to the BTB YouTube Channel where we continue to roll out new things and host live streams. We will be dropping a BTB roundtable as draft week begins to fully discuss how things could best work out for the Cowboys.

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