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Draft day predictions for the Dallas Cowboys first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

The BTB staff attempts to predict Dallas’ 10th overall pick in the first round.

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

With the 10th overall pick in the first-round of the 2021 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select…

In just a few hours time the 2021 NFL Draft will officially kick off. All of the guesstimating and speculation can finally be put to bed. Before that happens though, we here at Blogging The Boys thought we’d have a little fun.

Before the Cowboys are officially on the clock with the 10th overall pick, we thought we’d put on our GM hat and share our predictions as to which direction they may go with their first-round pick.

The Talkin’ The Draft crew did a full Dallas Cowboys mock draft live on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel on Tuesday night.

Tom Ryle - CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

I’m probably reading too much into the pre-draft press conference, but I’m getting a real Jaycee Horn vibe. It just seems like they have a wee bit of a preference for him. Plus there seems a very real possibility that Patrick Surtain II is gone a spot or two before the Cowboys. Either way, I would be completely happy with Horn. It is a double prediction, since I could see Horn at 10 or at, say, 15 in a tradeback, depending on how the picks shake out earlier.

Terence Watson - CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

As of late their have been rumors that Patrick Surtain II could be gone before the Cowboys pick at 10. For that reason I have them picking the their 1b at cornerback Jaycee Horn. Many would agree that this is still a great pick for the Cowboys as they fill a need and also get a cornerback who still has room to grow. They also get a cornerback who’s attitude could be very infectious and bring a boost of energy to this beaten and battered unit.

Justin Morris - CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

The “defense wins championships” mantra is far from dead. Case and point: the Bucs’ obliteration of Patrick Mahomes & Co. in this past season’s Super Bowl finale. Sure, Dallas has built as prolific an offense on paper as the team has seen since the mid-1990’s, but it still needs substantial fortification on the other side of the ball if it wants to ascertain its elusive crowning ring. Horn provides talent at corner (an area in which the squad was wholly terrible), plus the maturity of NFL regency with a father who enjoyed a 10+ year career. His film tape + personal disposition proves too enticing for the team to pass up

Matt Holleran - CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

I think it’s a pretty good bet one of Jaycee Horn or Patrick Surtain II is the pick at 10. There’s always a chance Kyle Pitts falls, but I don’t see that happening. I think the Cowboys want Horn, but I have a feeling other teams will feel the same way. I think Horn goes off the board at pick eight, either to Carolina or in a trade up by Philly. As a result, the Cowboys will end up selecting Surtain at 10, a pick that should have Cowboys fans excited. He’ll come in and start from day one and vastly improve the Dallas secondary.

Tony Catalina - CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

Everybody knows cornerback is a massive need for the Cowboys and with the 10th pick in round one, Dallas gets the much needed help for their secondary. Adding the top cover corner in the draft who possesses elite traits and ability, and pairing him with Trevon Diggs, who were teammates at Alabama already, ensures the Cowboys have two exciting corners to build with for years to come.

David Howman - CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

My prediction is a boring one, but I’m subscribing to Occam’s Razor and predicting that the Cowboys take Patrick Surtain II. I won’t be surprised if another team takes him before he gets to Dallas, but if the Cowboys have their pick between him and Horn (as I suspect will be the case) I think they’ll opt for the more polished prospect, which is Surtain.

RJ Ochoa - CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

There are a few other directions that might be more fun in the moment, but Surtain has the highest floor and feels like one of the largest can’t-miss prospects in the whole class. This pick needs to be about smooth, sweet, and consistent contact for the Cowboys. A ground-rule double works, you don’t have to chase a home run.

Lars Hengstler - CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

“Don’t be stupid over your need,” Jerry Jones said at the pre-draft press conference, and nowhere does this apply more than in the first round. I believe the Cowboys are perfectly fine with drafting either of the corners, but remain open to the option of an offensive player dropping into their laps. Kyle Pitts, Penei Sewell, maybe Rashawn Slater could be such an option. Alas, the teams picking ahead of us aren’t stupid either, so it’s Patrick Surtain to the Cowboys.

Brian Martin - OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern

Detroit and/or Carolina could throw a wrench in the Dallas Cowboys plans to land one of the top CBs, Patrick Surtain II or Jaycee Horn. Both are ideal trade down candidates for teams looking to jump the Cowboys for a CB or one of the top QBs still on the board. Because of that Rashawn Slater could be Dallas’ Plan B, a player who can be Tyron Smith’s eventual replacement and upgrade the LG position in the meantime.

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