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2021 Cowboys Draft: Kyle Pitts’ Dad’s “personal opinion” is that Jerry Jones has “something up his sleeve”

Everyone has opinions heading into the 2021 draft.

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It is just about time for the 2021 NFL Draft which means that we are going to have a lot of answers soon. Until then, though, the questions are running rampant and so is the speculation. The top 10 is the El Dorado of NFL Draft talent and however things shake out the Cowboys, assuming they don’t trade out, are just about guaranteed to walk away from tonight with a baller.

Of course, the magic of the draft is that things can always go a number of different ways. Nobody expected CeeDee Lamb to fall to pick number 17 last year, but we obviously know what happened. Players can, and likely will, fall. Just who they are remains to be seen.

During the live mock draft that we held on Blogging The Boys properties on Tuesday night, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts fell to number 10 overall. We took him. Chaos ensued.

It seems like it would take a miracle for Pitts to fall to 10 which is why if the Cowboys truly wanted him, he would require a trade-up from Dallas. Trading up wouldn’t exactly be wise given that a solid player will be there at 10 overall as mentioned, but the heart often wants what it wants.

For what it’s worth, Kelly Pitts, Kyle Pitts’ father, seems confident (maybe hopeful more than anything) that something could be in the mix for tonight. He said that it was his only his personal opinion, but he noted in an interview that he thinks Jerry Jones has “got something up his sleeve that’s going to shock everyone.”

“Of course, it would be icing on the cake if he could play for the Eagles,” Kelly said. “But I know that’s not going to happen. And I don’t know, situation-wise, how good that would be, because of the little turmoil. The turmoil there hasn’t slowed down.

“I’m nobody’s dummy. I don’t want to go to Denver, nor do I want to go to New England. I don’t want to go anywhere it’s cold. I’ve been living here 30 years and change. I’m ready for some pure heat. I think Jerry’s got something up his sleeve that’s going to shock everyone. That’s just my personal opinion. Doesn’t mean a lot.”

The Pitts family is from Philadelphia which is why they are fans of the worst team in the NFL. Obviously that part of the country is a bit more frigid in the weather department and Dallas, while it can have its own bitter winters, is much further south.

Draft prospects say things all of the time that connect them to the Cowboys so this is nothing new. Again, Kelly Pitts noted that this was merely his personal opinion.

Bring on the chaos.

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