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Keanu Neal may have picked his new number with the Cowboys, but it might already be taken

It’s a battle for a jersey number among the Cowboys.

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There are people who obsess over the numbers that NFL players wear and legitimately believe that certain numbers make sense in different situations. I am one of these people.

Sometimes a number just fits, you know what I mean? However, there are also times when a number doesn’t make any sense at all.

It was around this time last year for example that CeeDee Lamb was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and originally wanted to wear number 10 before things with 88 happened. Personally I miss the days where wide receiver groups throughout the National Football League were filled with players in the 80s. Nowadays numbers 10-19 are so popular, look no further than Amari Cooper (19) or Michael Gallup (13).

The NFL may wind up loosening some of the rules associated with jersey numbers this offseason, but that is a subject for a different day. On this particular day, we are here to talk about one of the newest members of the Dallas Cowboys and the number that he seemingly wants to wear.

When you look at the free agent class that the Cowboys have brought in it is possible that you believe Keanu Neal to be the most notable addition. Many people have been wondering what number he will wear in his new home as his old one is 22 and not exactly an option in Dallas, thanks to the NFL’s All-Time leading rusher and the banner that hangs in AT&T Stadium. According to Neal’s Instagram, he seems to have found a new number - shout out to 42!

Neal is technically a safety but is going to be playing some linebacker in Dallas so number 42 works for both of those efforts (although linebackers in the 40s is something that I’m not the biggest fan of, they need classic numbers in the 50s!). Theoretically it should be fine for Neal to wear this number and it doesn’t violate any rules, but the thing is it might already be taken.

While Neal might have a level of affection for 42 as he wore it in both college and high school, he might have to pry it away from a fellow newbie to the team. Safety Jayron Kearse has already been listed by the mothership as wearing number 42 which means a conversation might need to be had here.

If I had to guess I would assume that Neal winds up with the number and has it on his chest as he helps lead the Dallas Cowboys to victory in Super Bowl LVI, but there is a lot that has to happen between now and then, like maybe him trying to sway Kearse into letting him have it.

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