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If it comes down to Kyle Pitts versus the likely field, the Cowboys have a draft decision to make

Where do you come down on the Kyle Pitts debate?

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We’ll state this from the start - the idea that Kyle Pitts will be available for the Cowboys to pick at #10 doesn’t seem at all likely. It’s hard to put a percentage on it, so we’ll just say it’s a more than a non-zero chance. But, it’s not so far-fetched that it doesn’t have a right to be debated.

There could be as many as five quarterbacks taken in the top ten picks of the draft. Even with the recent trade seemingly taking Carolina out of the quarterback drafting market, another team could trade up into that spot specifically to take a quarterback. You also have a couple of left tackles in the mix who always demand attention at the top of the draft. Throw in a few prized wide receivers and it’s not impossible to concoct a situation where Pitts falls to number 10.

If he does, Dallas will have to make a decision. Do they grab Pitts, or do they get someone to help with a defense that was an anchor around the neck of the organization last year? Or maybe draft a lineman of the future? Let’s take a quick “pros and cons” look.

The Pros: Pitts is an athletic freak who is a mismatch waiting to happen. He could be a generational type talent that one day has everyone asking why any team passed on him in the draft. There are plenty of evaluators that have him as the second-best talent in the draft behind Trevor Lawrence. Everything would point to “best player available” at pick number 10. He could also soften the blow of possibly losing Michael Gallup in free agency next year, they could even try a trade.

The Cons: The Cowboys offense is already pretty prolific with Dak Prescott back and with what is hoped to be a healthy offensive line. Scoring points isn’t the real issue in Dallas and they already have a couple of competent tight ends on the roster. Pick number ten seems to be a perfect opportunity to boost a defense that was atrocious in 2020. The Cowboys are thin at cornerback and linebacker, a perfect place to get help is at pick number 10. Tight ends usually don’t go this high in the draft.

So, if Pitts is there, but the Cowboys also have the opportunity to take Patrick Surtain, Jaycee Horn, Micah Parson or Rashawn Slater, what should they do? Would you take Pitts against the field? Would you take Pitts over Penei Sewell if he is there?

In this scenario, we’ll stipulate that any kind of trade back is a no-go because the Cowboys can’t get a deal to their liking. So they have to pick at #10.

These are scenarios that have been bouncing around, so now we want your input on what you would do as the Cowboys general manager.


I would take Kyle Pitts over...

This poll is closed

  • 39%
    anyone in the field who is available at pick #10.
    (2407 votes)
  • 29%
    anyone except if Penei Sewell is available.
    (1808 votes)
  • 31%
    no one, give me the best defensive player available.
    (1946 votes)
6161 votes total Vote Now

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