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K.J. Wright, Richard Sherman among top free agents the Cowboys could still pursue

These two veterans would really beef up the Cowboys defense.

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Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

As usual, the Cowboys haven’t done a whole lot in free agency when it comes to signing outside free agents. Sure, they’ve signed more in volume than they have recently, but they have been buying in the bargain-bin. While they have partially shored up their defense with some safeties and some defensive linemen, they haven’t done much in terms of bringing in guys at linebacker (besides the part-timer Keanu Neal) and corner.

There is still plenty of time to rectify that. The market is still full of veterans and the Cowboys may just be waiting until prices fall even more. There are two in particular whose names have been attached to the Cowboys, one more than the other, and would be ideal fits at positions of need.

One is linebacker K.J. Wright. A week or so ago, Wright called the Cowboys one of the “dream teams” he would like to play with, something that perked up the ears of Cowboys fans. Since then, it’s been reported that Wright has spoken with the Cowboys, although no one knows how serious those talks were. The Seahawks seem content to let him leave unless he comes back on a serious discount deal.

Wright — As noted above, the Seahawks may well think it’s time to let the youngsters play at linebacker. That doesn’t mean Wright won’t be back, but it shouldn’t be a shock if he’s not. He’s been reportedly talking to Dallas. The next week could be pivotal.

Wright has made his love of Dan Quinn known, and their history could help tip the scales. Still, we all know that it will come down to money.

The other guy is corner Richard Sherman. There has been no reported contact between Sherman and the Cowboys, but the longer he is still out there, the more his price will come down. Sherman has been linked to the Cowboys because of his former time with Quinn, and he has also praised the defensive coordinators skills. Coincidentally, while the Seahawks may be on contention for Wright, they may also be looking for a reunion with Sherman.

Sherman — A reunion might not have been necessary if the Seahawks had re-signed Dunbar. And this is also a good draft for cornerbacks. If Dunbar had re-signed the odds seemed pretty against Sherman returning. Now, those odds are better, though there are other veteran options and a strong draft at cornerback, as well. But if Seattle hasn’t added anyone after the draft and Sherman remains available, get back to us.

There hasn’t been much to report on the Sherman market. He seems content to wait until a team and a deal come together to his liking. The odds may be long, but if the Cowboys could bring in a couple of veterans like Wright and Sherman, the perception of their free agency would be changed.

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