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Cowboys 2021 free agency: Richard Sherman doesn’t think he’ll sign a contract until after the draft

The veteran corner is likley to wait, will the Cowboys be interested?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If the Cowboys are going to make a run at free agent Richard Sherman, it likely won’t be until May. Sherman has been a popular name for the Cowboys in free agency for a few different reasons. The Cowboys need help at corner. The Cowboys could use a veteran presence in the secondary to mentor their young corners (assuming they draft one to pair with Trevon Diggs). And Sherman has history with Dan Quinn and his scheme.

According to Sherman, though, he doesn’t have anything imminent and doesn’t believe anything will happen until after the draft.

“Well, apparently we got to wait ’til the draft happens before anything else shakes out, because everybody has their hopes and dreams in the draft, which is understandable,” said Sherman, who serves as his own agent.

“You turn 33, and then it’s like, ‘We’ll wait until we get a young pup; and if we can’t get a young pup, we’ll take an old fool.’ So that’s where we’re sitting.”

Sherman certainly is up there in age, but he is certainly no fool and could bring a wealth of NFL/corner knowledge to any teams that adds him. Given his history with Quinn’s scheme, that could be doubly important in Dallas who has a young Trevon Diggs and presumably a young, undertermined corner to come in the draft.

For now we’ll just have to wait, but at some point before the season you would expect the Cowboys to add one more corner with experience. Maybe it’s Sherman, maybe it’s not.

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