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Looking at the 2021 Cowboys opponents by opposing quarterbacks is an interesting exercise

The NFL is a game of quarterbacks.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It has often been said that the National Football League is a quarterback’s league, and it is difficult to argue with the evidence. Generally every year’s major awards are won by quarterbacks, although there have certainly been exceptions. The pressure is highest for signal-callers which means both the credit and the blame placed at their feet is more substantial, but they also have the biggest paydays which is a nice tradeoff for the ones that manage to perform at an elite level.

Obviously there are a number of factors that go into football besides who the quarterbacks are, but they impact the game more than anyone else. Needless to say the quarterbacks are important to the highest degree possible.

Looking at the 2021 Dallas Cowboys opponents by opposing quarterbacks is an interesting exercise

The NFL is set to release the league schedule for the 2021 season on Wednesday and we will finally know when the Cowboys are going to play each team. We have known who the Cowboys are going to be playing this coming season for a long time now, but looking at the list of games in certain ways can often make some people feel better or worse about the team’s prospects. Allow me to present to you this season’s opponents by their projected starting quarterbacks.

2021 Dallas Cowboys opponents by opposing quarterback

As of now, the biggest question mark is the Broncos as it could be Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater, or maybe even Aaron Rodgers under center for them. We all know how much Rodgers likes playing the Cowboys and with Mike McCarthy on the other sideline that sure would be fascinating.

Beyond that hypothetical though, the obviously scary ones are Mahomes, Brady, Herbert, and Murray. It is expected that Dallas’ defense will be better in 2021 - partly because it would be difficult to be that bad again - but they will have opportunities against some lower-quality quarterbacks like Derek Carr, Sam Darnold, and others to prove their worth.

How does looking at the team’s opponents by quarterbacks make you feel? We all have some level of trust in the Cowboys offense to get things done, barring some sort of catastrophe, do you think the defense can hold their own against this group enough times to be a contender?

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