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Dak Prescott says he’s ready to play, also discusses his first reaction to his injury

The Cowboys QB didn’t realize the extent of his injury at first.

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In early May of this year, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott claimed that he could play in a game right then if he had to. Today, he reiterated that stance that if had to play football today, he could do it.

“When I got hurt, I never said I wasn’t going to let anybody put a time on it. Because I’m a competitive guy, and I knew once I heard the four to six [months], I was going to try to beat that. But I also knew I didn’t have to be ready until fall. I’m right on pace. As I said, I’m healthy. If we had to play a game now, I feel like I can go out there. Obviously with the protection of my O-line and making sure I’m not getting beat up the whole game, I could go out there and be very successful, start the game, finish the game and not even worry about the leg.”

Obviously it’s good news for the Cowboys and the fanbase that Prescott seemingly has recovered and he still has months to go before he actually has to play a game. The Cowboys organization has already said they expect Prescott to participate in offseason activities. They will have their first chance to give him simulated game action on Aug. 5th in the preseason Hall of Fame game, but we’ll have to see how the Cowboys handle Prescott in the preseason.

As for Prescott, he had no idea his injury was so bad when it happened.

“I actually thought I rolled my ankle, I actually thought that’s all that happened. And when I was on the ground, I looked over to see if my ankle was rolled, it was facing the other way. At the time, I’m in shock. I mean, thank God for shock of not being able to feel the pain, but at that moment I just wanted to get off the field so bad and I couldn’t. And it wasn’t until my teammates came over to tap me on the shoulder, tell me it’s going to be OK, they love me, was when I lost it because I haven’t missed much time in the game of football. But to know at that moment that it was gone, it was tough.”

It was a scary moment for Prescott’s career, but all indications, and statements from Prescott himself, seem to indicate he will be just fine.

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