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Which Dallas Cowboys draft prospect have you changed your mind the most about?

The draft is awhile away now, so opinions could have changed.

It has been just about a month since the 2021 NFL Draft concluded and with it the infusion of plenty of new players to the Dallas Cowboys. Time will tell which of the team’s selections manage to be legitimate contributors in the foreseeable future, but unfortunately there is still a bit of time before we see them do anything of consequence.

None of this is to shade the rookie minicamp and OTA work that the young players have gotten over the last few weeks as all of it is clearly important, but still, how they all perform during actual games is going to be how people measure them.

Acknowledging that there are still no games to properly assess over, enough time has passed since the draft that has allowed us all the opportunity to digest exactly what happened. So that being said, which pick have you changed your mind the most about?

The most popular answer is probably Nahshon Wright

While there were a sector of Cowboys fans who were upset with the value of a linebacker in the top 12, ultimately most people came around on Micah Parsons rather quickly. Dallas acquiring an extra third-round pick obviously didn’t hurt in that regard.

The pick that was met with the most consternation during the draft was undoubtedly Oregon State cornerback Nahshon Wright, and a lot of that was because there were so many people who really had no idea who he was.

It is clear that the Cowboys knew who Wright was, and in the time since the draft many have done what they could to learn about him and his game. The latest video in the Film Room series on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel focuses on Nahshon Wright and what he offers to America’s Team. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (which you can do so right here) to see more of our film breakdowns and plenty of other videos.

Learning more about Wright has led many Cowboys fans to understand why the team, specifically defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, would seemingly have an eye for him. In just about every way he fits what DQ has looked for throughout his career and we are all hoping he is able to find success in Dallas.

It is unlikely that Wright will get a ton of opportunities to prove his worth on the field early on in his career as the rookie cornerback who will get those shots is Kelvin Joseph who was taken one round before him.

Still, though, cooler heads have seemingly realized that there is something worth being excited about when it comes to Nahshon Wright. Is he the rookie that you have come around the most on? Or is it someone else?

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