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The 2021 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class officially has their jersey numbers!

This is very important information.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It has not even been a week since the 2021 NFL Draft was completed, and with it the 11 picks made by the Dallas Cowboys, but we are all very excited to see the incoming rookie class in action.

One of the more exciting things in the aftermath of the draft is rookies being assigned (or choosing) their new jersey numbers. We now live in a world where a number (no pun intended) of different players have far less restrictions on what they can wear and that is evidenced by the Cowboys’ first-round pick in Micah Parsons. He will be wearing number 11.

The Cowboys announced the jersey numbers for their entire rookie class on Wednesday. Only Parsons is representing a traditionally unconventional number for his position in 11. Apparently Cedrick Wilson - who previously held the number - is switching to number 1 which he wore in college, which was something that was also previously not allowed for wide receivers. Welcome to the new normal.

With Cedrick Wilson taking number 1 that means that punter Hunter Niswander will have to find a new number himself, but that type of domino effect is something that happens when your first-rounder is going to get a certain number. Jerry Jones basically guaranteed during Micah Parsons’ introductory press conference that the linebacker would keep the number that he wore in college at Penn State.

It is important to note that just because these players have these numbers does not mean that they are committed to them forever. If a player makes the roster and suddenly sees a number available that wasn’t previously it is possible that they switch over to it. We have seen that happen in different instances over the past.

All of that being said, which Cowboys rookie jersey number is your favorite?